Sales Lead Management Services for Construction Projects in UAE


Onsite SLM understands that when it comes to your sales team, cold calling, prospecting, qualifying leads, sending introductions to increase your brand awareness, and the following up of meeting arrangements are time-consuming and labor intensive tasks. That’s why we position ourselves as the most cost-effective solution to upscale the efficiency of your sales team. We’ll take on the mundane so you can focus on the monetizing!

Because our program is designed to present you with viable sales opportunities, we’ve made Onsite SLM completely customizable. It can be tailored to suit your company’s exact sales and marketing needs.

Through our experience of professional sales pitching, and with the help of our team of experienced research executives, Onsite SLM promises to secure vital meetings for your sales team by showcasing your brand’s business and products to the right people.

Our goal is to connect your business with a combination of the necessary developers, consultants, contractors, and construction industry suppliers. In doing so, Onsite SLM aims to lay the groundwork for your sales team. After we’ve warmed up the crowd, your team can enter the stage to present your product offerings and technical details to secure project specifications and approvals.

What You Can Expect From Our SLM Services

  • INTERGRATE : Onsite SLM is designed to integrate seamlessly, as an extension of your business, to enhance the tasks and operations of your sales into the construction industry.
  • DEDICATED AGENT : We will appoint a dedicated agent to your business account. Our tailored-to-you approach ensures a dedicated partnership that is as personal as it is professional.
  • BUSINESS ADVANTAGES : We promise to provide significant business advantages for your company; supplying you with unrivaled support for the increase of your business’s leads, opportunities, and sales.
  • SECURE APPOINTMENTS : With our program’s extensive knowledge and experience of projects and contacts, Onsite SLM will identify those projects relevant to your business and will secure your agreed number of appointments each month.
  • PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS : In melting down the barriers that come with cold call initiation - through our professional communications - we will create close-contact conditions with every project opportunity. This will free up your sales team’s time, allowing them to focus on the business of selling without overloading them with tedious and labor-intensive tasks.

If you would like to discover all of the ways in which Onsite SLM can help upscale the efficiency of your sales team, while securing you more leads with less hassle, please get in touch with us today. We are eager to present just how SLM can help you stay up to date and connected to new project opportunities throughout the expansive GCC region.