Sales Lead Management


ONSITE SLM service offers businesses a cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your sales team by taking care of the labor intensive and time-consuming tasks such as prospecting, qualifying leads, sending introductions for increased brand awareness, cold calling and following up for arranging meetings for your team. The program, aimed to engage you with viable sales opportunity, can be customized to suit your direct sales and marketing needs. Our seasoned research executives will showcase your brand, business and products to the right people, at the right time with the right sales pitch in the process of securing meetings for your sales team. Ideally, we would focus on connecting you with developers, consultants, contactors, or, construction industry suppliers (or a combination of any), creating opportunity for your team to present your product offering, technical details etc. and secure specification and supplier approval.

SLM Service

  • Is designed and perfectly placed to be an extension of any business selling into the construction industry.
  • Will appoint a dedicated agent for your account, ensuring a personalized service and a one point of contact for you or your team.
  • Will provide a significant business advantage for your company, a valued support for more leads, more opportunity and more sales.
  • Uses its extensive experience with projects and contacts to identify relevant projects and make the agreed number of appointments for you each month.
  • Will ensure your sales team remain active to the business of selling while we break down the barriers for cold call initiation with professional communications and create close contact with each project opportunity

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