Covid-19 and the Impact for MENA Business & the Construction Sector

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Webinar Description

Our entire business landscape must adapt to the rapid and widespread coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping across the entire globe, as well as, the oil price crash that has additional and immediate effect to our region’s Construction Industry.

In this webinar our panel of industry experts will help you understand what has happened since February 2020 and discuss relevant matters that every business leader and every industry participant needs to know.

This is a critical time for us all – in business and in our personal lives, and as a valued Ventures Onsite client, we want you to stay as informed as possible with the right intelligence that ensures your continued success.

Talking Points

In this Webinar we will take a deep dive to review and discuss:

1. Covid-19: Where do we stand now
2. The Impact on the Region’s Economy and Business
3. MENA Construction – An optimistic and Pessimistic Analysis
4. Mena Major Markets Analysis
5. Mena Major Sectors Analysis – Buildings, Infrastructure, Energy
6. Conclusion
7. Q&A