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GCC Petrochemical Industry Overview - August 2009

Title: GCC Petrochemical Industry Overview - August 2009
Published on: 05-01-2011 Price: $500.00

The report, GCC Petrochemical Sector Overview has been compiled in order to provide an insight into one of the GCC region’s fastest growing and key industrial sector – Petrochemicals. The report assist in the analysis and decision making process of the readers by providing a comprehensive summary on the structure, size and value of petrochemical sector in the GCC region. It also explains whatismajor happening in the GCC’s petrochemical sector and who are the major players involved. The top 25 petrochemical projects in the region are explained in detail. In addition to providing a country-by-country assessment of the petrochemical sector, the report tries to throw light on the following areas: a) GCC Petrochemical industry environment b) The impact of the economic slow down on the sector b) Prospects and Risks of GCC Producers c) Major Players in the GCC Market d) Value of Petrochemical Projects – Ongoing and Planned e) Top 25 Petrochemical Projects in the GCC

Table of contents:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1GCC Economy

2. Petrochemical Sector Overview

2.1Product Background

2.1.1 Bulk Industrial Chemicals

2.1.2 Inorganic Chemicals

2.1.3 Organic Chemicals

2.1.4 Aromatics and Aromatic Chemicals

2.1.5 Olefins and Olefin Chemicals

2.1.6 Other Petrochemicals

2.1.7 Polymers, Rubbers and Resins

3. GCC Petrochemical Industrial Environment

3.1Petrochemical Feedstock

3.2Feedstock Availability

3.3Feedstock Prices

3.4Impact of financial Crisis

3.5The Prospects for GCC Producers

3.6Risks associated with the GCC petrochemical industry

3.6.1 Output unevenness

3.6.2 Overcapacity

3.6.3 Technological Advancements

3.6.4 Price Declines

3.7Major Players

4. Country Overview





4.4.1 Petroleum and Chemicals Sector in Kuwait


4.6Saudi Arabia

4.6.1 Petrochemicals

4.6.2 Major Players in KSA

4.6.3 Fertilizers

5. Value of Petrochemical Projects in the GCC

6. Major Petrochemical Projects

7. Code of Ethics

8. Ventures Middle East GCC & MENA Projects Database


List of Table and Figures

List of Tables

Table 1: GCC Nations

Table 2: GCC Economic Indicators

Table 3: GCC Proven Gas Reserves

Table 4: GCC Proven Oil reserves

Table 5: World Liquid Fuels Consumption

Table 6: Major Petrochemical Players in GCC

Table 7: Major Petrochemical Projects in UAE

Table 8: Major Petrochemical Projects in Bahrain

Table 9: Major Players in Qatar

Table 10: Major Petrochemical Projects in Qatar

Table 11: Major petrochemical projects in Kuwait

Table 12: Major Petrochemical projects in Oman

Table 13: Major Petrochemical Players in Saudi Arabia

Table 14: Major Petrochemical Projects in KSA

Table 15: Major Fertilizer Players in KSA

Table 16: Major Fertilizer Projects in KSA

Table 17: GCC Petrochemical Projects

List of Figures

Figure 1: GCC Countries

Figure 2: GCC Real GDP Growth

Figure 3: Value Chain in Petrochemical Production

Figure 4: Middle East Petrochemical Capacity in %

Figure 5: Chemical Industry Products in the GCC

Figure 6: Price & Margins - Basic Petrochemicals

Figure 7: GCC Chemical Companies

Figure 8: UAE Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemical, Petroleum & Plastic Products

Figure 9: Petroleum and Chemicals Sector in Kuwait

Figure 10: Budget value of Projects in GCC


Top 25 GCC Petrochemical Projects

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