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UAE Building Construction Industry Overview - October 2009

Title: UAE Building Construction Industry Overview - October 2009
Published on: 01-10-2009 Price: $250.00

The report, UAE Building Construction Industry Overview – October 2009 has been compiled in order to provide an in depth overview of the Building Construction industry in the United Arab Emirates.. The report assist in the analysis and decision making process of the readers by providing a comprehensive summary on the structure, size and value of Building Construction sector in the UAE. It also explains whatismajor happening in the UAE’s real estate sector and who are the major players involved. The top 50 real estate projects in the country are explained in detail. In addition to providing an Emirate-by-Emirate assessment of the Building Construction sector, the report tries to throw light on the following areas:

a) Key Drivers of UAE real estate sector

b) Top 50 Building Projects in UAE

c) The impact of the economic slow down on the sector
d) Emirate wise overview of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality markets
e) Major Players (Developers, Consultants and Contractors) in the UAE’s property market
f) Value of Building Construction Projects – Ongoing and Planned (for all GCC Countries)
g) Value of Main Contractor Awards for 2008, 2009 and 2010 for UAE Building sector

Table of contents:

1 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a Glance

2 Economic Overview & Outlook

2.1 Nominal GDP soars 23% to Dh934 billion in 2008

2.2 Gloomy outlook could depress

3 UAE Real Estate Sector Overview

3.1 Key Drivers of UAE real estate sector

3.2 Slowdown Puts a Ceiling on Construction Activities

3.3 Price fall prompt delays

4 Dubai Real Estate Market Overview

4.1 New Real Estate Regulations

4.1.1 Amendment of Law No 13

4.1.2 Multiple-entry Visas for Property Owners

4.2 Office Sector

4.2.1 Supply Outstripping Demand

4.2.2 Rental rates drop

4.3 Residential Sector

4.3.1 House Prices has fallen nearly 50%

4.3.2 Oversupply in Dubai residential market18

4.4 Retail Segment

4.5 Hospitality Segment

4.5.1 Increase in Hotels

4.5.2 Significant Growth in the Tourism Sector

4.5.3 Coping the slowdown

4.5.4 Risks and Prospective

4.6 Major Real Estate Projects in Dubai

5 Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Overview

5.1 Office Sector

5.1.1 Rentals has come down by over 30%

5.1.2 New office supply to exceed 2 million sq m by 2012

5.2 Housing Sector

5.2.1 Housing shortage

5.2.2 Around 35% decline in rental rates

5.3 Retail Sector

5.3.1 Retail prospects remain buoyant

5.3.2 Crisis had kept check on the upbeat momentum

5.4 Hospitality Sector

5.4.1 Hospitality Market to benefit in the long run

5.5 Major Real Estate Projects in Abu Dhabi

6 Northern Emirates Market Overview

6.1 Oversupply worries looms in

6.2 Government support

6.3 Major Real Estate Projects in the Northern Emirates

7 Infrastructure

7.1 Major Infrastructure Projects in the UAE

8 Tourism

8.1 Major Tourism related projects

9 Industrial Sector

9.1 Major Industrial Projects in UAE

10 Major Clients

11 Major Consultants

12 Major Contractors

13 Market Size & Structure

14 UAE Building Construction Contract Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010

15 Major Real Estate Projects

Code of Ethics

List of Table and Figures

List of Tables

Table 1: Gross Domestic Product by Economic Activities (Current) (G.R %)

Table 2: Dubai land sales

Table 3: Mall projects in Dubai

Table 4: Passenger Arrivals – Dubai Airport

Table 5: Major Hotel Projects in Dubai

Table 6: Major Real Estate Projects in Dubai

Table 7: Major Real Estate Projects in Abu Dhabi

Table 8: Property Laws Of The Northern Emirates

Table 9: Major Real Estate Projects in the Northern Emirates

Table 10: Major Infrastructure Projects

Table 11: Theme park Projects in UAE

Table 12: Airport Projects in UAE

Table 13: Tourism related projects in UAE

Table 14: Industrial Parks, Free Zone Projects in UAE

Table 15: Major Industrial Projects

Table 16: Top Developers

Table 17: Top Consultants

Table 18: Top Contractors

Table 19: Major Real Estate Projects

List of Figures

Figure 1: UAE

Figure 2: UAE Real GDP

Figure 3: Budget value of Building Construction Projects in the GCC

Figure 4: Dubai Prime Office Lease Rates

Figure 5: Abu Dhabi Prime Office Rents

Figure 6: Budget value of UAE Projects

Figure 7: UAE Contractor Awards (2008, 2009 and 2010)


Top 50 Building Projects in the UAE

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