Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What does Ventures ONSITE - MENA Projects Database provide to subscribers?

Detailed, reliable and current project information on more than 9,000 current / future projects in the Middle East and North African (MENA) countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Tunisia), each over US $ 2.5 million in the following industry sectors; Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Industrial, Buildings, Power & Water, Marine and Infrastructure & Sewerage.

The system provides daily updates on existing GCC & MENA Country projects in the database and the addition of new projects to the system on a daily basis.

During the contract period your staff also has access to one Ventures Middle East consultant on a daily basis, who will reply to your questions on particular items of information relating to MENA projects.

2) What types of project information do you cover in each industry sector?

Projects are identified from the concept or preliminary study stage, and followed through the various phases like the tender for the design consultancy, projects under design, projects under tender/contract award of main contractor/MEP contractor through to commissioning.

Our projects information typically includes the; project scope, overall project value, project schedule e.g. when tenders were issued/closed for consultancy/main contractor and schedule for appointment of consultant/main contractor etc. and key contacts ; client/developer/architectural consultant/ main contractor at a later stage all with project manager names/contact details. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) contractor and other major sub contractors when appointed are also included for all building projects in the database.

3) Why use Ventures ONSITE - MENA Projects Database?

Ventures Middle East is the market leader for construction project information in the Middle East. Our GCC & MENA Projects Database provides access to a cost effective resource for detailed, reliable and current project information which frees up your team to concentrate on sales.

The system has been utilized / trusted for 9 years by a vast number of local/international suppliers of building products and services, architectural consultants, contractors and subcontractors, developers, banks and other financial institutions, embassies and consulates who rely on our full and accurate project information when bidding for a specific job or aiming at getting their products specified or for up-to-date market information. Click here to see some examples of our local / international clients.

4) What support can I expect during my contractual period?

During the contract period your staff has access to one Ventures Middle East consultant on a daily basis, who will reply to your questions on particular items of information relating to MENA projects.

Within the system your staff can also highlight any number of specific projects of interest and the next time they are updated you will be sent an email containing the specific updates.

5) Where does Ventures ONSITE Data come from?

Project information compiled in the GCC & MENA Projects Database is gathered through both primary and secondary sources. Primary Sources are key industry decision makers and secondary sources include all relevant literature available in the international market.

Ventures Middle East professional syndicated market research team checks every project detail with key industry decision makers. Our researchers have been monitoring projects in the Middle East from the early concept stages through to tender for construction/commissioning for a period of 9 years.

6) How often is the data being updated?

Our dedicated syndicated market research team interview over five hundred industry sources every day providing daily updates on existing projects in the online database and the addition of new projects.

7) Is there any easy way to sort and find through the projects in Ventures ONSITE - MENA Projects Database?

Yes, our MENA Projects Database is structured in a very user friendly format enabling users to sort on a number of criteria. Also, the state-of-the-art search functionalities will make the user at ease in generating the desired results in an effective and efficient manner which can be viewed directly on screen, exported to excel or printed. You can ask for as many training sessions to your dedicated consultant on how to use the system effectively.

8) How can I get more information about Ventures ONSITE - MENA Projects Database?

Please contact us at our head office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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