CEO of Bechtel Corp visits Alba Line 6 Expansion Project site

Posted on 3rd April 2019

CEO of Bechtel Corp visits Alba Line 6 Expansion Project site
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According to *Constructionweekonline news report, a high-level delegation from US engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) giant Bechtel Corp – including chairman and chief executive officer Brendan Bechtel – visited Aluminium Bahrain’s (Alba) Line 6 Expansion Project site on 31 March.

In a statement, Alba said the group were given a guided tour of the Line 6 Expansion Project site, carbon, and casthouse areas.

Bechtel is the EPC management contractor for Line 6, and is tasked with the design and construction of the potline, as well as the provision of support industrial services, as part of its contract.

A consortium of GE and Gama is delivering EPC services for Alba’s Power Station 5 (PS5), a crucial part of the wider Line 6 expansion project.

Alba’s chief executive officer Tim Murray; deputy chief executive officer, Ali Al Baqali; chief operations officer, Dr Abdulla Habib; and director of Line 6 smelter project and engineering, Shawqi Al Hashimi, received the Bechtel delegation.

Accompanying Bechtel's CEO were the company's president and chief operating officer, Jack Futcher; and project director and principal vice president, Denis Garrity.

Commenting during the tour, Bechtel said: “We are proud of this unique opportunity to be part of the Alba Line 6, which once completed, will be part of the world’s largest single site smelters. It was a pleasure to witness its construction progress.”

Alba’s board chairman, Shaikh Daij Bin Salman Bin Daij Al Khalifa, added: “We are pleased with the fast-paced progress of our landmark Line 6 Expansion Project. We also look forward to accelerate the delivery of Potline 6 ahead of its schedule in Q3 2019.”

As of 1 March, 172 out of a total of 212 smelting pots being developed as part of the Line 6 expansion had been handed over for commissioning.

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