Ejadah says UAE facilities management sector has increased demand

Posted on 1st March 2019

Ejadah says UAE facilities management sector has increased demand
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According to *Arabian Business news report, Tarek Nizameddin, senior executive director at facilities management firm Ejadah, talks about the current state of the industry in the UAE and what opportunities there are in the market.

What’s the current state of the FM sector in the UAE

FM sector is currently one of healthiest sectors in the UAE market due to the increased demand on services with the delivery of mega projects, the approach of Expo 2020 and the inauguration of new destinations in the UAE. However, competition is becoming is becoming tougher with the implementation of the cost-reduction approach among the majority of FM clients.

What opportunities are you seeing in the market at present?

We are witnessing a trend in the market where smaller clients have developed an appetite for procuring FM services. Previously, only larger companies would get involved with outsourcing their FM operations as smaller client used the operation and maintenance model with input specification. Now, those clients have recognised the value that an FM company brings to the fore.

This type of contract also allows service providers to be innovative with solutions which might have not been considered by the client. We are also seeing a number of performance based contracts versus defined KPIs and SLAs. Technological implementations are also presenting various opportunities and hold a competitive edge in tenders’ technical evaluations criteria.

We, in Ejadah, are implementing many technologies such as the IoT, optimising use of CAFM and mobility systems, along with using new technologies such as robots in maintenance, cleaning and security.

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