Saudi Arabia to build four new highways linking Makkah and Jeddah

Posted on 4th August 2015

Saudi Arabia will build four new highways linking Makkah and Jeddah, which will benefit 35 million people, a report said.

The new, wider roads will feature warning signs to help reduce traffic accidents along the way, reported Arab News.

The projects include the Makkah-Jeddah Highway, the Old Makkah-Jeddah Road, the Breman-Hada Al-Sham-Makkah Road, and a road for cargo and freight trucks that links the Second Ring Road in Jeddah and Hada-Al-Jamoum Roadway, according to Mohammed Madani, an official of Makkah Governorate, according to tradearabia news report.

The 72-kilometre Makkah-Jeddah Highway will extend from Al-Khair Bridge in Jeddah to the traffic light at Al-Dawariq Roundabout in Makkah. The highway includes four lanes in both directions, with a median extending the whole way, while work is under way for a fifth lane.

The Ministry of Transport has recently also adopted expansion and improvement plans at a cost of some SR90 million ($24 million) to enhance safety along the round.

According to Al Madani, traffic density is very high at the moment along the highway, with traffic increasing year after year, necessitating urgent expansion of these roadways in order to serve the high number of travellers during peak seasons.

He said most of the ongoing work would be completed before the coming Haj season.

As for the Old Makkah-Jeddah Highway, which is about 53 km long and is under the authorities of the Ministry of Transport, the Municipality of Jeddah, and the Municipality of Makkah, he said work was in progress to develop and improve the part of the roadway that is under the Ministry of Transport.

The section of the road overseen by the Makkah Municipality (122.15 km) has been completed, with work including lighting and construction of a shoulder in each direction being in progress to improve the roadway.

Work is also in progress on the Hada-Al-Jamoum-Southern Jeddah intersection, the report said.

The Hada Al-Sham-Makkah Roadway plays a major role in facilitating travel to King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah for passengers coming from Makkah and Taif. It also reduces the volume of large truck traffic on the Al-Haramain Road travelling between Taif, Riyadh, the Eastern Province and Jeddah.

Meanwhile, work is under way on the truck and cargo roadway linking the Second Ring Road in Jeddah with Hada and Al-Jomoum. Two sections are currently under implementation, with the remaining 17 kilometre distance to be carried out later.

According to Arab News, the road will facilitate the transfer of cargo trucks from Al-Mina and Southern Jeddah in the direction of Hada-Al-Jomoum, and will reduce the movement of trucks on the Al-Khair Bridge (Mina) and the Makkah-Jeddah Highway.

Al-Madani said studies related to the implementation of the Middle Ring Road are in progress. The proposed Middle Ring Road extends along King Saud Road in the north of Jeddah through Al-Zomorod 1 and 2 districts and Al-Sawarit 1, 2, and 3 districts, and intersects with Madinah Road through to east Jeddah.

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