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African and Middle East (AME) Hydrogen Market Brief - August 2021

Title: African and Middle East (AME) Hydrogen Market Brief - August 2021
Published on: 26-09-2021 Price: $250.00

Hydrogen is garnering a renewed sense of interest amongst developers, governments and regulators alike in the African and Middle East (AME) region. The rising importance of hydrogen is part of a broader trend toward decarbonisation that the Covid-19 pandemic has expedited by decreasing hydrocarbon demand to a large extent. Therefore, governments are increasingly taking up initiatives to produce hydrogen to meet the growing demand for renewable energy and counter climate change. Few countries are also quickly moving away from hydrocarbon fuels. Blue and green hydrogen are particularly gaining interest in the AME countries with green hydrogen used as a power source to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Green hydrogen is expected to become more cost-competitive in the long term as the cost profiles of renewable energy sources decline due to advancements in technologies mainly solar, wind and electrolysers. Among the countries in the AME region, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the UAE are expected to continue to be market leaders.

Most African countries have a relatively low population density and non-arable land available, which can significantly help them achieve their green hydrogen economy goals and make them key players in the hydrogen supply-side equation. Therefore, Africa can export hydrogen (either in liquid form, bounded to nitrogen as ammonia or liquid organic hydrogen carriers) to regions such as Europe, Japan and South Korea. As part of Africa, Morocco is very active and well-positioned to set up an export value chain of green hydrogen, ammonia, fertiliser and other related chemicals. Several other North African countries also have commenced exploring the hydrogen market, including South Africa. West Africa has the potential to generate up to 165,000 terawatt hours of green hydrogen per year.

The report includes overview and strategies followed by major countries in the AME region along with projects planned.

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