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Kuwait Construction Market Outlook - ...


Kuwait's government continues to be committed to moving forward with its development projects despite the decline in oil prices and fiscal d...

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Bahrain Construction Market Outlook -...


According to the Central Informatics Organisation (CIO), Bahrain's construction industry is expected to value US$ 8.8 billion in 2018, with ...

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Saudi Arabia Construction Market Outl...


KSA construction sector’s is set witness positive growth in 2017 with projects and fulfillment of objectives in line with its Vision 2030 ...

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GCC Construction – Quarter 1 Highli...


The report comprises the following: GCC Main Contractor Awards by Month GCC Main Contractor Awards by Country GCC Main Contr...

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GCC Real Estate Market - March 2017


The GCC real estate market still continues to attract investors despite the effects of oil price fluctuations. Positive demographics, government...

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UAE Construction – March 2017


The UAE Minister of Economy expects the country’s GDP to grow around 3% in 2017, roughly in line with 2016’s performance. The constr...

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Egypt Construction – Feb 2017


Egypt’s economic plan is set to generate construction boom, as a range of mega projects start to be implemented. These include new urban c...

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The GCC Power and Renewables – Feb ...


The GCC Power and Renewables Infographic will give you a snap shot of the GCC power construction industry with focus on renewable energy sector ...

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GCC Rail Market Outlook 2017


Rapid growth of urbanisation and population in the past decade have made transport authorities in the GCC to look at alternative modes of surfac...

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Qatar Construction Industry 2017


Qatar is the fastest growing construction market in the Gulf region. The country’s 2017 budget has been received favourably by constructio...

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Oman Construction Market Outlook 2017


The construction sector currently accounts for some 6% of Oman’s GDP, as the government, in recent years, invested heavily in improving in...

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GCC Retail Sector - Dec 2016


The GCC Retail Sector Infographic will give you a snap shot of the GCC retail construction industry as of December 2016.

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