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GCC Retail Sector - Dec 2016


The GCC Retail Sector Infographic will give you a snap shot of the GCC retail construction industry as of December 2016.

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GCC Hospital Projects - Nov 2016


The GCC Hospital Projects Infographic will give you a snap shot of the GCC healthcare construction industry as of November 2016. 

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UAE Hotel Projects - Nov 2016


The UAE Hotel Projects Infographic will give you a snap shot of the UAE hotels construction market as of November 2016.

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The GCC Construction Projects Market ...


The GCC Construction Projects Market Infographic will give you a snap shot of the GCC construction industry as of November 2016.

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Kuwait Construction – November 2016


Kuwait’s construction sector is likely to grow owing to the government’s initiatives to boost economic development.  With US$ 6...

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UAE Construction Market Report 2016


The UAE has been impacted by lower oil prices less than other GCC countries. Despite headwinds, a lot of opportunities exist in the UAE’s ...

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GCC Transport Infrastructure Market O...


Transport infrastructure is a very important catalyst and driver for the GCC countries. Emphasis on infrastructure is a common denominator in mo...

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GCC Oil and Gas Market - Aug 2016


The GCC countries being highly dependent on oil and natural gas resources for their economies are very susceptible to any volatility in the oil ...

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GCC Power and Water Construction 2016


Rapid industrialisation, population growth, urbanisation, and increasing water desalination are the driving forces for power and water demand in...

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Saudi Arabia Construction Market


Saudi Arabia’s construction market has become one of the biggest casualties of the recent slowdown. The government is expected to spend US...

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GCC Construction Industry Outlook May...


GCC governments are taking precautionary measures to cope with volatility in oil prices. Recent budgets reflect the GCC governments’ effor...

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GCC Power Construction 2016


Population growth, industrialisation, and urban migrationare all stimulating the demand for power.As the demand increases, the GCC countries are...

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