MENA Power Industry Outlook - Feb 2023

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Published: 25-04-2023

According to industry experts, the power industry sector in the MENA region represents a major source of investments opportunities, averaging approximately US$ 30 billion of capital expenditure annually. The power sector investments remain almost unchanged as MENA countries carry on with investments across the power value chain both in Generation and Transmission & Distribution (T&D). Most countries in the MENA region are building or planning new solar and wind projects, and solar is expected to reach 13% of annual generation by 2030. The ambitious sustainability targets implemented by governments in MENA will push utilities and power transmission companies to invest in smart grid technology and infrastructure. New technologies featuring cloud based, artificial intelligence and machine learning are expected to play a major role in greener, smarter electricity grid for the MENA region. The region is also experiencing a renewed interest in privately developed utility projects in order to spread the capital cost of building new capacity over a longer period.

This Ventures Onsite report provides insights into the power sector in the MENA region.

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