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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Industrial Sector Overview - March 2009

Title: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Industrial Sector Overview - March 2009
Published on: 01-03-2009 Price: $250.00

The report, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Industrial Sector Overview has been compiled in order to provide an in depth overview of the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia with specific focus on major industries such as Mining and Metals, Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Petrochemicals and Fertilizers. The report explains whatismajor happening in the Saudi Arabia's industrial sector and who are the major players involved. The Top 25 Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia are also explained in detail.

Table of contents:

Country Overview


Saudi Arabia Industrial Sector

Mining and Metals Processing

Saudi Geological Survey

Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden)

1. The Phosphate Project

2. The Aluminium Project

3. Industrial Minerals Projects

4. Gold and Base Metals

5. Exploration

United Arabian Mining Company (Manajem)

Major Mining projects

Steel Sector Overview

The History of Steel

Steel making process

Types of Steel & its Applications

Global Steel Sector

Global Steel Output

Global Steel Demand

Top Steel Producing Companies

Steel Prices

Global Outlook for Steel

Saudi Steel Sector

Industry atmosphere

Drivers of Growth

Macro Economic Outlook for Steel

Impact of Saudi agreement to WTO

Regulatory Environment

Market Outlook

Per Capita Steel consumption

Local Steel Production

Major Steel Producers in KSA

Steel Imports & Exports

Market Size

Proposed Projects

Aluminium Sector Overview

History & Production Process

Global production

Global Consumption

Global Prices

Exchange trade

Saudi Aluminium Sector

Industry Atmosphere

Drivers of growth

Local Demand



Regulatory Framework

Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations

Exchange Rates Movement

WTO Accession Implications

Proposed Projects

Cement Sector Overview

Global Cement Production & Consumption

Saudi Cement Sector

Industry Structure

Supply Demand Scenario

Drivers of Growth

Cement Prices

Export Ban

Overseas Expansion

Proposed Projects

Chemicals, Fertilizers and Plastics

Saudi Petrochemicals & Plastics

Major Players

Major Petrochemical Projects

Saudi Fertilizer Industry

Major Players

Major Fertilizer Projects

Value of Industrial Projects

Top 25 Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia

Code of Ethics

List of Table and Charts

List of Tables

Table 1: KSA Economic Indicators (Sector Wise)

Table 2: Minerals in Saudi Arabia

Table 3: Major Mining Projects in KSA

Table 4: Historical Phases of Steel

Table 5 Top 10 steel-producing countries 2008

Table 6: Top Steel Producing Companies

Table 7: World Carbon Steel Transaction Prices

Table 8: Major Oil Projects

Table 9: Major Infrastructure Projects

Table 10: Major Building & Construction Projects

Table 11: List of Economic Cities

Table 12: Saudi Crude Steel Production

Table 13: Major Steel Producers

Table 14: Market Value of Iron & Steel

Table 15: Major Steel Projects

Table 16: World Aluminium Output

Table 17: Announced Smelters

Table 18: Major Aluminium Projects

Table 19: Saudi Cement Producers

Table 20: Saudi's Expected Cement Capacities (in MT)

Table 21: Saudi's Cement & Clinker Exports (‘000 tonnes)

Table 22: Major Cement Projects

Table 23: Major Petrochemical manufacturers

Table 24: Major Petrochemical Projects

Table 25: Major Fertilizer Manufacturers

Table 26: Major Fertilizer Projects

Table 27: Top 25 Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia

List of Charts

Figure 1: OPEC Yearly Basket Price ($/b)

Figure 2: World Steel Output

Figure 4: Crude Steel statistics 2008

Figure 5: World Steel Consumption & Output

Figure 6: World Steel Demand Share

Figure 7: Saudi Steel Consumption Construction Sector GDP

Figure 8: Saudi Steel Usage & Investment in Construction

Figure 9: Saudi Arabia Iron and Primary Steel Production Capacity (Mn TPA)

Figure 10: Total Supply of Iron & Steel

Figure 11: Saudi Steel Imports

Figure 12: Top Global Aluminium Producers

Figure 13: Aluminium Consumption by Region

Figure 14: Aluminium Prices

Figure 15: Saudi Aluminium Usage

Figure 16: Saudi Aluminium Imports

Figure 17: World Cement Output 2007

Figure 18: World Cement Usage in Tons

Figure 19: Saudi's Cement Output

Figure 20: Capacity and demand progression in Saudi Arabia gure 1: Saudi Arabia

Figure 2: Industry Structure

Figure 3: Distribution of generation capacities among producers

Figure 4: Distribution of electricity generation capacity in the operating areas

Figure 5: Growth of Consumers

Figure 6: Growth of Energy Sales

Figure 7: Growth of Peak Demand

Figure 8: Fuels Used

Figure 9: Desalination plants & desalinated transportation lines in Saudi Arabia

Figure 10: Growth of Desalinated Water Capacity

Figure 11: Contractor Awards

Figure 12: Construction Spend


Top 25 Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia

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