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UAE Infrastructure Sector Overview - May 2009

Title: UAE Infrastructure Sector Overview - May 2009
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The report, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Infrastructure Sector Overview has been compiled in order to provide an in depth analysis of latest developments across the Infrastructure sector (road, rail, sewerage etc) in UAE. The report throws light on other sectors including airports, power and water, marine, telecommunication, real estate and industrial as well. The report explains whatismajor happening in the UAE's infrastructure sector and who are the major players involved. Contract Awards and Construction Spend for years 2008, 2009 and 2010 will explain the amount of work being planned in the country and also will help to understand the trend. Top 25 Infrastructure projects are explained in detail.

Table of contents:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a Glance

1 Economic Activity

2 Urban Development

2.1Abu Dhabi

2.1.1 Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

2.1.2 Plan Al Ain 2030


2.2.1 Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP) 2015

2.3Northern Emirates

3 Infrastructure

3.1Development of Roads & Bridges

3.1.1 Rail Network

3.1.2 Airport Expansion

3.1.3 Major Airport Projects

3.1.4 Port Development

3.2Growing demand for Utilities

3.2.1 Power

3.2.2 Water

3.2.3 Power & Water Projects in UAE


3.3.1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fund

3.4Real estate development provides momentum

4 Industrial Development

5 Government Authorities

5.1Department of Civil Aviation, Dubai

5.2National Transport Authority (NTA)

5.3Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

5.4Dubai Municipality

5.5Ministry of Public Works & Housing, Dubai

5.6Department of Transport (DOT), Abu Dhabi

5.7Department of Municipalities & Agriculture-Abu Dhabi

5.8Abu Dhabi Department of Planning & Economy (ADDPE)

5.9Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC)

5.10 Directorate of Public Works, Sharjah

5.11Municipalities of other Emirates

5.12 The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (Zonescorp)

5.13Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

5.14Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA)

6 Major Clients

7 Major Consultants

8 Major Contractors

9 Market Size & Structure

9.1UAE Infrastructure Contractor Awards during 2008 to 2010

9.2UAE Infrastructure Construction Spend during 2008 to 2010

10 Major Infrastructure Projects

11 Code of Ethics

List of Table and Figures

List of Tables

Table 1: UAE GDP

Table 2: Approximate Highway Distances between Main Emirates & Towns in the UAE

Table 3: Paved Highways in the UAE

Table 4: Road & Bridge Projects in UAE

Table 5: Rail Projects in UAE

Table 6: Statistics for Abu Dhabi International Airport

Table 7: Dubai International Airport Statistics

Table 8: Statistics for Sharjah International Airport

Table 9: Major Airport Related Projects

Table 10: Major Port Projects in UAE

Table 11: UAE Power & Water Capacity Figures (2008 Estimated)

Table 12: Major Power & Water projects in the UAE

Table 13: Construction Projects

Table 14: Industrial Projects

Table 15: Department of Civil Aviation

Table 16: Roads and Transport Authority

Table 17: Dubai Municipality

Table 18: Ministry of Public Works & Housing

Table 19: Department of Transport

Table 20: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Table 21: Abu Dhabi Department of Planning & Economy

Table 22: Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company

Table 23: Directorate of Public Works

Table 24: Municipalities of other Emirates

Table 25: ZonesCorp

Table 26: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

Table 27: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority

Table 28: Top Infrastructure Clients in UAE

Table 29: Top Infrastructure Consultants in UAE

Table 30: Major Infrastructure Contractors in UAE

Table 31: Contractor Awards (Estimated Project Value by Expected Year of Award)

Table 32: Construction Spend (Estimated Construction Spend by Year

Table 33: Top 25 Infrastructure Projects in UAE

List of Figures

Figure 1: UAE

Figure 2: Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

Figure 3: Value of infrastructure projects by Emirates

Figure 4: Roads & Bridges

Figure 5: Railway

Figure 6: Airports

Figure 7: Ports

Figure 8: UAE Infrastructure Contractor Awards

Figure 9: Construction spend


Top 25 Infrastructure Projects in United Arab Emirates

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