GCC Industry Reports

Explore the vast potential of the GCC construction industry with our GCC Construction Industry Reports. As a region known for its robust infrastructure projects and thriving construction markets, the GCC offers lucrative opportunities for investors and businesses alike.

These Micro Construction Reports, authored by industry experts, provide in-depth analysis of the construction markets across the GCC region, covering key sectors such as infrastructure, power and water, healthcare, oil and gas, and hotel and entertainment.

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Saudi Arabia construction industry review 2023

Saudi Arabia continues to prove itself as a destination of choice for investors, with robust infrastructure projects that offer lucrative returns. As one of the most expansive and multifaceted construction markets in the region, authorities have invested significantly over recent years – giving businesses far-reaching opportunities to capitalize on this growth.

GCC Macroeconomic Indicators

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) anticipates strong economic performance among the six Gulf Cooperation Council states in 2022, with Kuwait set to lead the pack at 8.2%. Other countries are expected to experience growth as well- Saudi Arabia and Oman 7.6% and 5.6%, respectively – though UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain’s numbers may not be quite so buoyant this year by comparison on 4.2%, 3.4%, and 3/3%. Many of these nations have suffered fiscal deficits over recent times; however through collective efforts they aim to reestablish their financial reserves going into next year.

GCC Power And Water Market

The power and water industry in the GCC has become a fundamental factor of growth, driven by an exponential population boom. With vaccination programs loosening travel restrictions around the world, global economic activity is on its way to recovery – potentially requiring governments with large Covid-related financing needs to rely heavily upon private sector investors for sustaining demand for energy and water infrastructure solutions.

GCC Healthcare Market

The GCC nations have recognized the importance of expanding and diversifying their healthcare sector, shifting its focus from reactive to preventive care in response to COVID-19. To enhance access to necessary medical services, these countries are actively working with the private industry towards increasing available healthcare centers.

GCC Oil And Gas Market

The oil and gas sector will continue to remain an important and significant part of each of the GCC country’s agenda as it is central to the supply of energy in the coming decades. The GCC oil and gas construction market is expected to fare much better in 2022 and 2023 and GCC countries will also continue to increase their oil production capacity in a bid to secure a bigger share of a shrinking oil market post-2050.

GCC Hotel And Entertainment Market

Billions of dollars are also being spent across the entire GCC as the countries, and the pipeline of new hotels in the GCC shows no sign of slowing down. The race continues in setting up tourism infrastructure such as hotels and resorts, entertainment parks or new adventure activities. New hotel developments in prime tourism destinations in many parts of the GCC countries, notably KSA, Qatar, Oman and the UAE, remains substantial even by global standards.

GCC Construction Industry Snapshot


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