GCC HVAC Market Report

GCC Elevator Market Report

Published by Ventures Onsite in May 2024, this detailed report provides a comprehensive analysis of the elevator market within the GCC region. The scope of this 92-page report includes an analysis of the GCC elevator market value chain, potential market opportunity, GCC economic landscape, impact of government policies on market growth, and strategic developments of prominent elevator companies. An assessment of the impact of global economic factors like geopolitical tensions, inflation, interest rates, and monetary policies on the GCC market has also been provided in the report.

The report includes insights on the technological trends prevalent in the GCC elevator market. The competitive landscape section of the report provides an overview of prominent companies operating in the GCC elevator market while also detailing their product offerings. Moreover, the GCC country-level import-export trade value of various elevator and conveyor types have been disclosed in the report.


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GCC: A Thriving Hub of Construction and Growth

As a result of government initiatives to diversify from being an oil-dependent economy, the GCC region is experiencing a remarkable surge in construction activity driven by numerous large-scale projects that are underway. The region's dynamic development is reflected in the GCC construction building sector contractor awards for 2023-2024 which has been provided in the final report.


With a focus on providing innovative and latest solutions amidst a surge in construction activity, the elevator market is set to attract investments from the government as well as private entities. Furthermore, significant foreign direct inflows into the region is expected to bode well for market growth.


Note: The actual figures (USD Million) will be disclosed in the final report

Key Projects Shaping the Future:

Numerous malls are currently in various stages of development across the GCC region, providing significant growth opportunities for the elevator companies. Projects like The Avenues Khobar, Saadiyat Mall, and Wakra Mall, among others, highlight this trend. Additionally, the expansion of airport infrastructure, including that of Al Maktoum International Airport, NEOM International Airport, and AMAALA Airport, are set to further drive demand for elevator installations and maintenance services in the region. The GCC elevator market is expected to be a direct beneficiary of accelerated growth due to these tailwinds.


Our comprehensive market intelligence report provides insights on the technological developments, such as the incorporation of green technology and IoT-enabled digital platforms, which are being deployed to meet current and future demands.


Note: The actual figures (USD Million) will be disclosed in the final report

By purchasing this detailed 92-page report you will gain access to

  • Comprehensive Market and Economic Analysis: The report provides an analysis of the GCC elevator market, including current trends, market opportunity size, and economic landscape of each GCC country.
  • Government Policies and Market Drivers: Gain insights into government policies, fiscal spending, and regulatory frameworks that influence the market.
  • Competitive Landscape and Strategic Developments: Access detailed profiles of key elevator companies operating in the GCC region. The competitive landscape section includes company overview, product offerings and revenue splits where available.
  • Construction and Building Sector Insights: Access the construction building sector project value awarded to contractors in 2023-2024, along with details of upcoming projects.

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Elevator Report | Table of Contents

1 GCC Market Overview - Overview of the economic and market conditions in the GCC region.
2 GCC Elevator Market Opportunity - Analysis of the market potential and growth opportunities within the GCC elevator sector, influenced by construction and real estate developments.
3 GCC Economic Landscape - Economic data for each GCC country, including GDP, inflation rates, and government budget allocation.
4 Government Policies - A Market Driver - Examination of how government policies and fiscal spending in GCC countries can drive market growth.
5 Value Chain Analysis - Breakdown of the elevator market value chain, including component providers, manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and end users.
6 Strategic Developments - Recent strategic developments and innovations by leading elevator companies in the GCC market.
7 Porter’s 5 Forces - Analysis of the competitive forces shaping the GCC elevator market.
8 Technology Adoption - Insights into the adoption of new technologies in elevators and related services.
9 PESTLE Analysis - Examination of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors affecting the market.
10 Legal Coverage - Overview of legal and regulatory aspects relevant to the elevator market in the GCC.
11 GCC Construction Building Sector Projects Value, 2023 - Value of construction building sector projects awarded to contractors in 2023 across the GCC.
12 Companies that Announced Building Projects in 2023
13 Companies that Awarded Building Projects to Contractors in 2023
14 Top Building Projects Awarded to Contractors in 2023 - Highlights the top building projects awarded to contractors in 2023.
15 Top Building Projects Expected to be Awarded to Contractors in 2024
16 Top Contractors that Bagged Building Projects in 2023
17 Top MEP Contractors that Bagged Building Projects in 2023 - List of top Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) contractors that bagged building projects in 2023.
18 Competitive Landscape - Detailed profiles and offerings of prominent elevator companies operating in the GCC.