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GCC Steel Market Report - April 2024

Published by Ventures Onsite in April 2024, the GCC Steel Market Report provides a detailed understanding of the steel industry within the GCC region. This comprehensive report provides crucial insights into market trends, growth opportunities, macroeconomic factors, and the competitive landscape, making it an invaluable resource for industry professionals, key players, and investors.

The report analyzes the GCC steel market’s value chain, technological advancements, and the strategic initiatives of key market players to enhance their market presence and meet the growing needs of the construction industry. Moreover, the report uncovers GCC export-import trade value data for various steel commodities.


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Contractor Awards and Construction Momentum:

Amidst expanding construction activity across the GCC region as illustrated by a staggering USD 140.57 billion building sector contractor awards recorded in 2023-2024, stakeholders in the steel industry are well placed to benefit from upcoming opportunities.

Government Investments and Foreign Direct Inflows:

Residential, commercial, and smart city projects, fueled by significant government investments and foreign direct inflows, are driving the demand for steel across the GCC region. The emphasis to diversify the economy from being an oil-dependent nation is expected to bode well for the steel market.


Note: The actual figures (USD Million) will be disclosed in the final report

Monumental Projects Driving Steel Demand:

Megaprojects like Neom and Riyadh Expo 2030 City in Saudi Arabia, and Palm Jebel Ali in the UAE are driving the demand for steel in the region.

Seizing Market Opportunity:

As the GCC steel market experiences robust growth, our comprehensive market intelligence report provides insights into the factors driving this surge, including regional economic landscape, market dynamics, prominent companies and contractors operating in the region, and the latest available trade data..


Note: The actual figures (USD Million) will be disclosed in the final report

By purchasing this detailed 91-page report, you will get access to analysis of:

  • Market Growth: Explore factors driving the rapid expansion of the GCC steel market, including upcoming construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Economic Diversification: Understand government initiatives emphasizing economic diversification and gain insights into government budget allocation across the GCC region.
  • Strategic Developments: Learn about key players’ investments in capacity expansions and strategic initiatives such as partnerships and acquisitions.
  • DataInsights: Gain access to data on GCC construction building sector projects value, companies that announced and awarded contracts, and top contractors that bagged projects in 2023. Also gain information on the top building projects expected to be awarded to contractors in 2024.

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Table of Contents

1 GCC Market Overview: An in-depth analysis of the overall market landscape in the GCC region.
2 GCC Steel Market Opportunity: Market size and growth opportunities within the GCC steel market.
3 GCC Economic Landscape: Economic overview of GCC countries and budget spends which significantly influence the steel market.
4 Value Chain Analysis: Detailed assessment of the steel market's value chain.
5 Technology Adoption: Insights into the latest technological advancements in the steel industry.
6 Strategic Developments: Overview of key strategic initiatives shaping the market.
7 Porter’s 5 Forces: Analysis of the competitive forces within the GCC steel market.
8 PESTLE Analysis: Comprehensive PESTLE analysis of the market environment.
9 GCC Construction Building Sector Projects Value, 2023: Project Value and country split of construction building sector projects in 2023.
10 Companies that Announced Building Projects in 2023
11 Companies that Awarded Building Projects to Contractors in 2023
12 Top Building Projects Awarded to Contractors in 2023
13 Top Building Projects Expected to be Awarded to Contractors in 2024
14 Top Contractors that Bagged Building Projects in 2023
15 Competitive Landscape: Detailed profiles and offerings of prominent steel companies operating in the GCC.
16 GCC Steel Export-Import Trade Value Data: Data on export and import trade values.