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Bahrain has over US$85BN worth of active projects. Despite the many issues brought on throughout this year, Bahrain has been progressing through agreements, projects, and injections into the economy.

Due to the unceasing efforts of Bahrain, in August 2020 Manama got ranked 1st place in ‘AIRNIC’, which ranks global cities based on costs and living conditions, financial and lifestyle attractiveness.

Bahrain’s Cabinet approved an economic package worth US$11.3 billion to offset the impact of COVID. The eight financial initiatives include a waiver on electricity and water bills for all accounts including individuals and commercial for three months and a delay of bank loan instalments for six months for those impacted by the virus.

Bahrain's government spent $570 million in salaries for 100,000 private sector workers from April to June to help with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.


Bahrain Economic Updates

  • A major integrated agricultural and fish farming project aimed at bolstering Bahrain’s food security was unveiled. The King gave directives to implement the project and earmark land for it as it constitutes a vital part of the national food security strategy.
  • His Majesty King Hamad issued a decree law injecting an emergency amount of US$470 Mn into this year’s state budget to deal with expenses incurred as a result of combating Covid 19
  • Bahrain’s legislators will draw up a blueprint for new legislation vital for a high-tech post Covid-19 economy, the legislation will focus on three core fields: finance and economy, national security, and key services; especially housing, education, and healthcare.
  • Bahrain’s Cabinet agreed to reschedule a number of construction projects due to COVID 19 and several other decisions were taken during Cabinet meeting on April 20, including a reduction of the operational expenses budget for ministries and government by 30% unless public interests require otherwise.
  • Bahrain and Israel sign historic joint communique on establishment of diplomatic, peaceful, friendly relations.
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