Construction Projects in Egypt

The construction project market in Egypt is on the brink of an unprecedented growth spurt. Foreign investment from the Middle East & IMF, attractive lending rates along with an increasing requirement for infrastructure for the growing population have given a much-needed boost to the economy. There are over $675 Billion Worth of active projects in Egypt and mega projects in Egypt in the pipeline.

Construction in the Arab nation will be booming in the coming years, according to data from leading project tracking platform Ventures Onsite. Contract awards are expected to jump 18 percent over a two-year span and reach $23.5 billion - with building projects as highest valued at $9.7 billion followed by industrial ($5 billion) and infrastructure works ($2.7 billion).

Egypt Project Industry
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675+ Billion USD

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Egypt Construction Market Drivers

The construction market in Egypt presents an exciting outlook, as demographic and economic trends continue to drive growth. As a young population booms, domestic demand for housing, healthcare services and infrastructure will rise significantly – with the added bonus of emerging public-private partnership opportunities through recent legislation changes.

With large project pipelines already established from international finance sources such as UAE, Saudi Arabia Qatar & IMF – not forgetting the US/European Bank granting financial support - plus initiatives like Special Economic Zones encouraging foreign investment levels; it's no surprise these factors are contributing greatly toward industrial prosperity across many sectors...including energy production which is set on course to increase 42% by 2035!

Trending Egypt Construction Projects

Construction Companies in Egypt

The construction industry in Egypt is very dynamic and always evolving. For business owners, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders of the industry to stay competitive, it's essential for them to track the trends and developments related to the sector. Ventures Onsite tracks over 3000 companies including construction companies in Egypt.

From detailed reporting on project updates to verified contact details, we offer valuable insights into every aspect of ongoing & upcoming construction projects as well as construction companies in Egypt. Request for a free demo now to find out more.