Green energy construction projects in the Middle East and Africa

"Renewable infrastructure projects already under construction with
$100bn invested into 45 new hydrogen development"

Major Green Hydrogen projects

To stimulate their economies and transition to clean energy sources, the Middle East and Africa have invested heavily in ambitious hydrogen production plans.

Solar power is abundant across both regions making them prime targets for harnessing this green technology to create jobs, and deploy renewable infrastructure projects like NEOM Helios and Ain Sokhna complex which are already under construction. With more than $100bn of investment into 45 new hydrogen developments projected throughout 2022 alone – these two regions will produce an astonishing 10 million tonnes per year combined when complete!

Major Green & Blue Ammonia projects

Government decision-makers, developers, investors and contractors across the Middle East & Africa are all set to benefit from a range of green and blue hydrogen projects in 2023.

These include ambitious initiatives such as NEOM Helios; Oman Acme Group's purple hydrogen hub; OQ, ACWA Power and Air Products Salalah's green hydrogen plant complex - plus Saudi Arabia PIF/POSCO export facility! Additionally there is UAE TAQA’s AD Ports ammonia project alongside Hyphen Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Complex –Alcazar Energy BP Global ReNew Power Alfanar Globeleq Voltalia Total Eren Ocior Energy Emirates Steel Abu Dhabi National energy Company PJSC (TAO) OPACZ Hydrogen Rise …and many more!

Through the use of green energy, people all around the world are beginning to benefit from a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Governments and organizations in the Middle East have also taken up initiatives that are focusing on creating more efficient and cost-effective options for producing green and blue hydrogen. Through investments in research and development, large scale projects have started to take root in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and regionally. These new projects present an exciting opportunity to see widespread use of renewable energy on a global scale while helping create economic opportunities for citizens all over the world. By continuing to advance these initiatives, renewable energy sources like green energy will eventually become commonplace throughout our planet, allowing us to build a healthier future for generations to come.

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