Upcoming Infrastructure Projects in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Construction And Infrastructure Market​

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan prioritizes a complete reshaping of its infrastructure landscape, marked by a surge in Infrastructure Projects in Saudi Arabia. This overhaul, driven by economic diversification and societal progress goals, is attracting global attention and creating immense opportunities within the construction and infrastructure sector.

At its core, Vision 2030 aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy, reduce dependence on oil revenue, and enhance the quality of life for its citizens. This transformation involves significant investment in infrastructure projects across various sectors, including transportation, energy, housing, tourism, and technology.

Moreover, the Kingdom is focusing on modernizing its transportation networks to improve connectivity within cities and across regions. This involves the expansion of road networks, investment in public transportation systems, and the adoption of innovative solutions such as smart traffic management systems to alleviate congestion and enhance mobility.

Lastly, technology plays a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure transformation. The integration of advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain, is driving the development of smart cities and enabling innovative solutions for efficient resource management, enhanced public services, and improved quality of life.

Upcoming And Ongoing Infrastructure Projects in Saudi Arabia ​

The Saudi government has initiated several Mega Projects across various sectors in order to achieve its Vision 2030. Let’s look at some of these projects:


Launched in 2020, Phase 1 lays the groundwork for cognitive city areas, emphasizing renewable energy, zero-waste practices, and eco-friendly construction.

While construction progresses, the vision remains clear: a city where cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with a sustainable lifestyle, fostering innovation and progress for both humanity and the planet. No soaring skyscrapers reaching for the sun here, but a vision for a future built on collaboration and responsible development.

The Red Sea Project

This multi-billion dollar luxury tourism development features eco-conscious resorts, conservation initiatives, and pristine beaches. Expertise in sustainable construction, hospitality, and environmental management is sought after. Targeting completion by 2030, it offers luxury resorts designed to blend seamlessly with the environment. Eco-conscious lodges promote ecotourism, while a groundbreaking coral reef conservation project sets a new standard for responsible tourism.

Riyadh Metro Project

The Riyadh Metro represents a crucial step towards Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aimed at diversifying the economy and enhancing quality of life. With its focus on sustainable transportation and urban development, this project promises to transform Riyadh into a vibrant, interconnected city of the future.


Imagine bespoke wellness retreats tailored to individual needs, transformative spa treatments, and immersive art installations integrated into stunning architecture. Expertise in designing and constructing wellness facilities, managing luxury resorts, and curating unique art experiences is sought after.

King Salman Park

Strategically located with easy access to major roads and a future link to the King Abdul Aziz Public Transport Project, King Salman Park promises to be a vibrant hub for art, culture, sports, entertainment, and, of course, relaxation. The Park boasts sustainability at its core. Its extensive green cover aims to significantly improve the city’s air quality and create a cooler microclimate. This eco-conscious haven aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals of environmental protection and sustainable living


Situated 50 kilometers from the captivating Gulf of Aqaba coastline, this meticulously designed destination encompasses nearly 60 square kilometers with elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,600 meters. Trojena will have six distinct clusters, each crafted to seamlessly integrate the physical and virtual realms, culminating in architectural and engineering marvels unparalleled in scope. 

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