Mega Projects in Egypt

Egypt is a country with a rich history and a bright future. In recent years, the government has embarked on a number of ambitious mega projects that are transforming the country and positioning it as a leading economic and regional power. These mega projects are not only boosting Egypt’s economic growth, but they are also improving the quality of life for its citizens. The following are top ongoing megaprojects in Egypt.

Mega Projects Transforming
Egypt’s Economy 

Capital Med

The construction of Capital Med, the largest integrated private medical city in the Middle East, has been officially initiated by the Arab Republic of Egypt. Spanning across 57 acres of new development in the new capital city of Egypt, situated on Cairo Suez road, this project is expected to become a cornerstone and driving force for the surrounding area.

The design of its landscape aims to achieve a harmonious blend of sustainable, water-efficient native vegetation and a lush, shaded sanctuary. The entire project will be constructed in three phases over a period of 7 to 10 years. Upon completion, it will feature a state-of-the-art general hospital with 350 beds, a plaza for clinics, a hotel, and 11 specialized medical excellence centers. Additionally, this ambitious endeavor will generate employment opportunities ranging from 10,000 to 13,000 jobs.

Capital Med Private medical city in Egypt

“The largest integrated private medical city in the Middle East”

Bella Vento El Galala Resort Project

Bella Vento El Galala mountain and sea views resort in Egypt

Bella Vento El Galala is a breathtaking resort in the heart of El Galala Resort. It offers stunning mountain and sea views, and is being developed on a spacious 65-feddans land. The resort consists of villas, twin villas, and chalets, and is designed with exceptional amenities including 10 swimming pools, a supermarket, spa, clubhouse, sports courts, and ample green spaces.

The project is being developed in phases, with the first phase offering duplex villas and chalets overlooking the sea. The second phase, situated on a mountain, provides panoramic views of the sea and international marina. This phase includes villas with private pools, a commercial area, a hotel, and a clubhouse.

New Alamein City in Egypt

New Alamein City

It consists of five stunning residential buildings. Constructed by China’s State Construction Engineering Corporation in partnership with Egypt’s New Urban Communities Authority, these skyscrapers are estimated to be worth $1.9 billion. Situated on the northern Mediterranean coast, the buildings offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area and a man-made lake.

The construction of four towers took 39 months, while the largest tower, standing at 250 meters tall with a 465,000 square meter base, took 45 months to complete.

Hurghada luxor High Speed Rail in Egypt

The Hurghada Luxor High-Speed Rail is a remarkable engineering project that spans 1700 kilometers and involves collaboration between Boris Construction, Arab Contractors, and Siemens Mobility. It has obtained a concession from the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels and aims to revolutionize transportation in Egypt.

The first line, costing $23 billion, will connect Ain Sachna to the Mediterranean via the new administrative capital along a 460-kilometer route. It is expected to be completed in 2023 and capable of reaching speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. The project’s subsequent phases will link other cities and ports in Egypt. The Hurghada Luxor High-Speed Rail promises to provide fast and comfortable travel, positioning it as the second fastest train in Africa.

First high-speed rail from Hurghada to luxor high speed rail

Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Project

Nuclear Power Plant project in Egypt

The Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant project in Egypt is expected to bring significant economic benefits to the country. It will help to diversify the country’s energy mix and reduce its reliance on imported oil and gas. The plant is also expected to create jobs and boost economic growth.

The implementation of the project is being carried out in collaboration with Rosatom, the state-owned nuclear company of Russia. Rosatom will contribute the essential technology, expertise, and fuel required for the nuclear power plant. The reactors will be constructed based on Rosatom’s Generation 3+ VVER-1200 design, renowned for its advanced safety features.

Concentrated Solar Power Plants

A sustainable energy future is on the horizon for Egypt through a joint effort by Smart Engineering Solutions and the Ministry of Military Production.

The plan to design and locally engineer concentrated solar power (CSP) plants is set into motion, and it’s nothing short of audacious. The initiative, with a projected cost of $1.2 billion, aims to establish five CSP plants, each generating 50 megawatts, for a total capacity of 250 megawatts.

Concentrated solar power plant

New Administrative Capital

the new administrative capital in Egypt

The construction of the new administrative capital in Egypt is indeed an ambitious project aimed at addressing the congestion and overcrowding issues in Cairo, the current capital. The new city, situated beyond the second Greater Cairo Ring Road, is designed to be a centralized hub for government, finance, and various important institutions.

The primary objective of this undertaking is to alleviate congestion in Cairo by shifting key government agencies, foreign embassies, and important departments to the new administrative capital. By doing so, it is expected to create more space and improve the efficiency of government operations.Additionally, the new city is designed to accommodate a population of up to 7 million individuals, which will help alleviate the strain on infrastructure and services in Cairo.

Cairo Metro

The Cairo Metro is a rapid transit system that serves the Greater Cairo area. It is the oldest and most extensive metro system in Africa and the Arab world, and it plays a crucial role in easing traffic congestion and providing affordable transportation options for the residents of Greater Cairo.

 The metro system consists of three operational lines, with additional extensions and new lines under construction or in planning stages. The metro system is also a major economic driver, as it generates over $1 billion in revenue each year. It is also a major tourist attraction, and it is estimated that over 1 million tourists ride the metro system each year. The Cairo Metro is a vital part of the city of Cairo, and it is a major contributor to the economy of Egypt.

Cairo Metro line map

What is the future state of Egypt’s mega projects?

The future of Egypt’s mega projects is promising as the government has committed to these projects, and they are expected to continue to boost Egypt’s economy.Egypt’s mega projects are transforming the country and positioning it as a leading economic and regional power. They are creating jobs, boosting economic growth, and improving the quality of life for Egyptians.

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