Top Construction Projects in Oman

Oman’s construction sector is experiencing a resurgence in 2024, poised to shape the country’s future with a wave of exciting upcoming projects. This growth is fueled by a confluence of factors. The government is actively investing in infrastructure development and projects in Oman, creating a wealth of opportunities for construction companies. Additionally, a shift in policy allowing foreign ownership of properties outside designated tourism zones is attracting renewed interest from investors, potentially leading to a boom in real estate projects that will further diversify the economic landscape. Finally, focus on economic diversification beyond oil is opening doors for upcoming projects in Oman across critical sectors like tourism, renewable energy, and healthcare.

This positive outlook comes after a period of decline due to budget deficits and the global pandemic. However, with over $120 billion worth of active construction projects underway and an estimated construction output of US$8.72 billion projected by 2026, Oman’s construction market is anticipated for consistent expansion in the coming years. This building boom fueled by upcoming projects in Oman will not only benefit the construction industry itself but will also create a ripple effect, stimulating job creation and economic activity across the country. Let’s look at some of these new projects in Oman.

Aames Bay Development

Aames Bay Development in Musandam

Oman is investing in the future of Musandam with the Ames Bay Development, a groundbreaking project set to transform the Al Khalidiya area in the Wilayat of Khasab. Spanning an impressive 68,700 square meters, this initiative goes beyond simply building structures. It’s designed to be a cornerstone for Musandam’s growth.

The project will act as a vital link, connecting different parts of the governorate and fostering a more cohesive region.

The Boulevard Spray (Rathath)

Oman’s Dhofar Governorate is getting a refreshing makeover with the Rathath (Drizzle) Boulevard. This 4-year, RO40 million project promises a sprawling 470,000-square-meter oasis in Salalah’s Itin district. The boulevard aims to become a vibrant public space and a major tourism draw for Dhofar.   

“Dhofar’s RO40 million oasis is redefining Salalah’s Itin district and Oman’s tourism”
The Boulevard Spray
Rimal Park in South Al Batinah

Rimal Park in South Al Batinah

South Al Batinah is getting a recreational boost with the Rimal Park project. This RO6.9 million endeavor will transform a 225,000-square-meter area in Nakhal’s Khabbat Al Jaadan into a vibrant community hub. Residents can look forward to an amusement park, a thrilling cable car ride, a relaxing resort, and a lively zone with food trucks and shops.

More than just entertainment, Rimal Park aims to enhance quality of life and foster connections within the community.

Madinat Al Irfan

Madinat Al Irfan

Muscat is gearing up for a transformation with Madinat Al Irfan, a visionary project nicknamed “The City of Knowledge.” This ambitious development aims to establish a world-class central business district (CBD) at Hayy Al Irfan, strategically located near the Muscat International Airport.

Spanning over 7.4 million square meters, Madinat Al Irfan promises to be a hub for commerce and innovation. 

Oman Rail Network​

Oman Rail Network

The development of a national railway network is another significant undertaking. This project will connect major cities like Muscat, Sohar, and Duqm, facilitating the movement of goods and people across the country. 

Oman’s railway project is a significant undertaking with the potential to reshape the country’s economic landscape. By facilitating trade, improving connectivity, and promoting economic diversification, this network positions Oman for a future of growth and prosperity.

The Sustainable City - Yiti

The Sustainable City - Yiti

City-Yiti is a $1 billion development in Oman with a focus on sustainability. This mixed-use community will offer homes, businesses, and amenities designed to minimize environmental impact. Residents can expect energy and water bill savings thanks to features like solar panels, biogas plants, and efficiencient water systems. 

The project includes residences, hotels, schools, and recreational facilities, creating a live-work-thrive environment for 10,000 residents upon completion.

Waste to Energy Plant in South Al Batinah

Waste to Energy Plant in South Al Batinah

Oman is building a first-of-its-kind facility in Barka that will tackle waste and generate clean energy. This innovative plant will convert up to 1.4 million tons of municipal solid waste each year into electricity.  The power generated, with a capacity of 125 to 160 megawatts, will then be used to run a nearby seawater desalination plant. 

This desalination plant, likely utilizing reverse osmosis technology, will provide a sustainable source of freshwater.

These mega-projects require significant investment but hold immense potential for Oman’s future. They are expected to create jobs, boost economic activity, and position Oman as a major player in the region. However, staying informed about the ever-evolving landscape of Oman’s construction sector can be difficult. This is where a comprehensive construction project tracking platform like Ventures Onsite becomes crucial. Ventures Onsite is a market leader in tracking construction projects across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, with over 20 years of experience. Our platform provides users with up-to-date information on completed, ongoing, and upcoming projects in Oman, including project scope, value, timelines, and key stakeholders.

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