Top 20 Construction Projects in KSA

Saudi Arabia is developing at the speed of light with the incredible 2030 vision on the horizon. Exciting mega and infrastructure projects are being announced monthly, these visionary and modern Saudi Arabia new construction projects keep the country in the global spotlight.

Ventures Onsite has consolidated a list of the top

20 Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia to look out for in 2022.

1. Neom

The giga-project valued at US$500 Billion calls for the construction of a 26,500 square km new development stretching across the borders of northwest Saudi Arabia into Jordan and Egypt. The city includes 9 specialized investment sectors as energy and water, mobility, biotech, food, technological and digital sciences, advanced manufacturing, media, and entertainment.

2. King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)

KAEC will be implemented over 6 phases. Millennium seaport, to be built over an area of 13.8 million square meter will be home to light industries and logistics firms served by an integrated transport system and will also have a dedicated Hajj terminal. Industrial District, to be built over an area of 8 million square meter. Waterside resort consisting of 3,500 units including hotels, apartments, towers, suites and villas, besides shopping malls and a golf course. Financial Island consisting of two towers each of 60-storey and 100-storey respectively, offering a total of 500,000 square meter of office spaces. Residential District, which calls for the construction of a town centre. The property is to be built along a cornice includes a marina and yacht club with 450 boat moorings and a souk to be built on a 350,000 square meter. Education zone, comprising universities, schools and research and development centers. There will be an integrated airport included in the scope.

3. KA-Care – Alternative Energy Projects – Nuclear Plants

The project calls for the supply and installation of a first fleet of 16 nuclear reactors producing 17.6 GW combined nuclear power at the City of Nuclear and Renewable Energy Research, located in Riyadh.

4. Jeddah Economic City

Jeddah Economic City development involves construction and development of 23 million square meters located in northern area of Jeddah on the Red Sea coastline. It will consist of a skyscraper that is surrounded by residential units, commercial space, office area, education vicinity, entertainment facilities, and hotels.

5. Jizan Economic City

Two thirds of the 117 project located in Jizan on the Red Sea coast will comprise an industrial zone with a port, an aluminum refinery with capacity of 1.2 million tones a year (t/y), aluminum smelter with production of about 650,000 t/y, steel and copper processing plants, an oil refinery, a fish processing and agricultural factories including a 4,000-MW power and desalination plant. The remaining area will consist of a central business district, residential areas, a marina and municipal buildings.

6. Marjan Crude Increment Program

The Marjan Crude Increment Programme is being implemented through multiple work packages and the expansion programme aims to increase the crude production capacity of the field by 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) and produce 360,000bpd of ethane and natural gas liquids (NGL) by processing an additional 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day of gas produced from the field.

7. The Red Sea Project

The project calls for the construction of a mega resort covering more than 50 islands and 34,000 square meter located between the cities of Amlaj and Wajh, Tabouk Province. First phase includes hotels, luxury residential units, all logistical infrastructures, and sea transport hubs. It is expected to attract one million people every year and will create 70,000 new jobs upon completion.

8. King Salman Park in Riyadh

The King Salman Park entails construction of a park located in the heart of Riyadh consisting of Royal Art Complex over 400,000 square meter, a national theater with 2,500 seats, an opera house with 8,000 seats, art academies, museums and galleries, Royal Golf area over 850,000 square meter, water park over 140,000 square meter. Scope includes residential facilities of 12,000 units, 16 hotels with 2,300 rooms, and a commercial complex over 600,000 square meter. The project aims to increase the per capita share of green space in Riyadh by 16 times, where more than 7.5 million trees to be planted throughout the city of Riyadh.

9. Knowledge Economic City in Madina (KEC)

The project will be constructed on a 4.8 million sq.m site. The City will house about 200,000 residents and include 30,000 residential units. It will target investment in knowledge-based industries including information technology and life sciences.

10. Landbridge Project

Project calls for the construction of a 950km rail line known as the Landbridge Project or East West Railway linking Riyadh and Jeddah. The Land Bridge will have a total length of approximately 1,000km and will connect with the GCC Railway Network.

11. Renewable Energy Program – Round 2

Round 2 of renewable energy scheme aims to build 11 Solar power plants at various locations in Saudi Arabia. Saudi government intends to deploy 40 GW of solar as part of an overall 58.7 GW renewable energy by 2030.

12. Jafurah Gas Plant

The scope of works of Jafurah Unconventional Gas Field Development Program includes gas processing plant, a gas compression system and network of around 1,500 kilometers of main transfer pipelines, flow lines and gas gathering pipelines. The program also includes construction of the Jafurah Bulk Supply Point, transmission lines, power interconnection for Jafurah Gas Plant and new cogeneration plant facilities.

13. Amaala – The Riviera of The Middle East

The project entails construction of a new luxury destination project located in Tabouk Province, Saudi Arabia over an area of more than 3,800 square km. Scope of works include more than 2,500 hotel keys, 800 residential villas, 200 retail establishment, and sports facilities.

14. Murooj Jeddah (Wadi Al Asla) in Jeddah

Wadi Al Asla in Jeddah is a mixed use development project with 15,000 residential units, landscaped gardens, lake, university campus, golf course, safari park and associated facilities.

15. Qiddiya City in Riyadh

Located in Qiddiya, Riyadh, the entertainment city will be spread over an area of 3,340,000 square km and will include an entertainment area, new Six Flags theme park, sports city, and large safari area. The project is implemented over three phases, the first phase includes the construction of the entertainment city, the second phase includes 4,000 residential units, and the third phase includes 11,000 residential units.

16. Sports Boulevard in Riyadh

The project calls for the construction of a sports track that will connect the city from east to west. Extending 135 kilometers and designed to encourage exercise, the development will include 48 green and open spaces, outdoor museums, movie theaters, and cycling, jogging and horse-riding tracks. The track will consist of 8 main components that includes: Wadi Hanifa Path, Art area, Alysen area, The entertainment area, Sports area, Environmental area, Wadi Al-Saly area, and Al Kuthaban Al Ramalia Par.

17. Rua Al Madinah Project

The project involves construction of a mega mixed-use real estate development that will cover an area of 1.35 million sqm and a total built-up area of 3.53 million sqm. The project will comprise of 500 housing units and 80,000 hotel rooms.

18. New Jeddah Downtown

New Jeddah Downtown (also known as Jeddah Central) is a residential and commercial development spread over an area of 5 million sqm, comprising 12,000 housing units to accommodate 58,000 new residents, entertainment and retail areas, offices spaces, new hotel and hospitality facilities.

19. Shedgum & Uthmaniyah Gas Processing Facility

The project aims to build a greenfield gas treatment plant to supplement the existing gas processing facilities at Shedgum and Uthmaniyah. Scope of works includes raw gas inlet and processing facilities, Gas-oil separation unit, Sour water stripper unit, mono ethylene glycol regeneration unit, Amine treating unit, Tri Ethylene Glycol dehydration unit, Sulphur recovery unit, industrial support facilities, pipelines, site preparation and temporary construction facilities and other associated facilities.

20. The Avenues Riyadh

The Avenues, with a total built up area of 1,400,000 sqm will be divided into various districts, Prestige, Grand Avenue, The Souk, The Mall, Electra, Oasis, and Grand Plaza. The scope comprises of a 2 Basement + 2 Lower Ground + Ground + 1 storey shopping mall, a 5-star and a 4 star hotel with 500 rooms, 2 residential towers with 1,050 units, medical tower with 240 clinics, and a parking area over 402,000 square meter with a capacity of 18,000 cars.

The construction sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) plays an important role in the economy. KSA is developing a number of large-scale, complex and multi-purpose giga-construction projects that aim to transform the broader economy.

Giga-projects continued even during the pandemic, while fiscal tightening was underway. As part of Vision 2030, the kingdom is redefining its global image and diversifying its economy away from oil. Almost $1 trillion worth of development projects have commenced or been announced since the unveiling of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 agenda.

The Vision 2030 iconic mega-projects include Neom, The Red Sea Project, Amaala, The Riyadh Sports Boulevard, King Salman Park in Riyadh, and Qiddiya. The property development in KSA has been undergoing a plethora of changes at a fast pace. The King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is currently experiencing a major strategic transformation.

Saudi Aramco remains on track to produce up to 2 billion cubic feet per day of gas by 2030 from the Jafurah field, enabling it to lift its gas production capacity by 50%. KSA is planning to invest US$ 64 billion into its entertainment industry as part of its Vision 2030. All these projects are much required by the kingdom to drive foreign investments and increase spending in the economy.

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