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Relevant data about ongoing projects in Saudi Arabia

Construction projects in Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered a top business investment destination in the Middle East. This oil-rich country attracts a number of investors and project developers due to its booming economy. But investing in projects and developments should be backed by data and accurate projections. Without the necessary information, prospective investments and bidding might not go as planned.


Ventures ONSITE is a premier construction intelligence platform that offers comprehensive data and tools to study new projects in Jeddah and other constructions developments in Oil & Gas, Industrial, Building, Infrastructure, and Utilities sector. Our platform offers tools and data to help users get in-depth information about the trending and upcoming construction-related projects.

(Trending Projects)

Comprehensive and in-depth details about new projects in Jeddah

Project data is essential for contractors and investors to review. Our team of researchers goes way above and beyond to gather new and relevant information and update our database. Every data goes through a screening and verification process to ensure the accuracy of the information.

All information is expertly categorized to ensure that users will be able to search the data they need with ease. Whether you are looking for data on ongoing projects in Saudi Arabia 2019 or looking for potential business, we have you covered.

(Major Projects)

Essential business tools for project forecasting and data analysis

We aim to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution when it comes to forecasting and analysing business and project-related data. We include a number of features that would help them analyse information, forecast growth and projections, and make personal notes about a potential investment or project bidding.

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