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Gain access to premium construction reports that not only give you project information and statistics but also provide in depth analysis from Ventures ONSITE’s team of experts to help you plan your business strategy.

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Report: UAE Construction Market


UAE Construction Market

The UAE Cabinet, presided over by Sheikh Mohammed, recently approved a new economic support package worth US$ 4.36 bn, which takes[..]

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Report: Qatar Construction Market


Qatar Construction Market

Qatar is implementing a US$ 23.35 bn stimulus package to shield the economy from the corona virus outbreak. Although labour condi[..]

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Report: Oman Construction Market 2020


Oman Construction Market 2020

Economic growth is expected to accelerate with the private sector likely to play a major role in development projects. 2020 will t[..]

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Report: KSA Construction – October 2019


KSA Construction – October 2019

Saudi Arabia (KSA), in its latest budget, plans to increase state spending by 7% in 2019 to spur economic growth that has been imp[..]

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Report: GCC Power & Water Industry – September 2019


GCC Power & Water Industry – September 2019

Rapid industrialisation, population growth, urbanisation, and increasing water desalination are the driving forces for power and w[..]

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Report: GCC Oil & Gas Industry – August 2019


GCC Oil & Gas Industry – August 2019

The demand for oil and natural gas in the GCC will continue to rise, and with consumption increasing due to population growth, the[..]

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Report: UAE Construction


UAE Construction

The UAE has the greatest potential for growth in 2019 over other GCC countries. The UAE construction sector is likely to boom due [..]

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Report:  Bahrain Construction


Bahrain Construction

Bahrain’s construction sector is a major contributor to employment and GDP, which has expanded in recent years, despite slower reg[..]

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Report: Qatar Construction Market


Qatar Construction Market

Qatar’s economy is likely to continue to expand and register one of the fastest growth rates in 2019 and beyond. According to the [..]

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