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Ventures ONSITE features various statistical and analytical tools to enable its users to generate reports on countries, industries and even project types. The various reports allow users to build forecast reports as well as past trends on Contractor Awards, Construction Spend etc. Users can select over 15 criteria and export data to perform in-depth analysis to suit their exact needs.

Apart from the built in Statistical modules in our projects tracking database our specialized construction reports division Ventures FOCUS is primarily involved in producing 2 types of reports:

Syndicated Reports

Reports on a specific country, industry or regional reports are issued on a regular basis. These reports are detailed, in-depth and provided good solid insights into the current trends and expectation of the industry/country covered. The reports are derived from the projects database and further analyzed by our research specialists to provide you with more realistic and accurate market information. The reports are freely downloadable for Ventures ONSITE subscribers based on their subscription countries/industries.

Our construction and non construction related syndicated reports can be purchased through our offices or from our online resellers.

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Customized Reports

You can request tailor made reports, be it a simple report on any specific country or industry or a detailed market study for a specific product range(s), feasibility studies to venture into new markets. Our team of consultants and researchers specialize in all kind of construction related market studies may it be products or services, the research team will ensure you get the right market knowledge required to take that crucial business decision.

The vast experience and knowledge of our industry experts and consultants together with the MENA region's leading construction project tracking system Ventures ONSITE ( which features past, current and future construction projects information, trends and analysis, Ventures Middle East is positioned to produce detailed and concise country/industry reports to suit our client's needs and expectations.

Who Use Ventures ONSITE ?

Ventures ONSITE is a Subscription Only service which provides access to an Online Database - A Construction Projects ....

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Why Use Ventures ONSITE ?

It is a must have tool for companies and organizations who directly or indirectly targets the construction industry or just any ....

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Ventures ONSITE is the market leader in delivering detailed information on upcoming, latest and current construction projects ....

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