Bahrain aims to reshape Ain Adhari scrapped market plan into a tourist village project

Posted on 5th April 2015

Plans to build a tourist village near one of Bahrain's most revered natural springs have been revived.

Adhari springs

A permanent market at Ain Adhari was first proposed by the Northern Municipality more than two years ago, but following boundary changes affecting the governorate the plans were scrapped, reported the Gulf Daily News.

Now the Capital Trustees Board wants to revive the area as a tourist attraction and has called for investors to get involved. Traditional food outlets serving breakfasts, handicraft stalls and workshops for local craftsmen are also planned.

'Adhari is famous across the Gulf and is always mentioned in old television series and even in today's sayings,' said board chairman Mohammed Al Khozaae.

'There are many of the younger generation who want to visit but are not interested in the theme park and its attractions, which are available elsewhere '“ they want something distinguishable and unique.

'The poolside has the potential to attract, but it needs cleaning and maintenance and there are huge available spaces that could offer a lot to tourists, even locals.'

Al Khozaae said traditional Bahraini food was being rediscovered at the moment 'with numerous restaurants offering such delicacies and with some open just for breakfast even'.

'That's what we are looking to have in Adhari,' he said.

Other merchandise on sale might include coffee and nuts, perfume and bukhoor (incense), cheese and pickles, dates, sweets, herbal medicines, abayas, embroidery and textiles, model ships, baskets, pottery, drawings and calligraphy, the official said.

Traditional entertainment programmes could also be held at the weekend, if budgets were made available, he added.

Al Khozaae said the board was currently co-ordinating with the Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry to clean up the pool for a reopening.

'We want the pool open once again for swimming, but we are more concerned about safety, knowing that a young boy died there a few years back,' he said.

'Security and lifeguards will be employed to watch over visitors and ensure they are protected throughout their stay.

'New timings for the place are yet to be determined, but with breakfast being on the menu, Adhari could be open from sunrise until midnight, it all depends on proper advertisement on social media, which will happen whenever work starts.'

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