Bahrain's first US$ 5 mn floating hotel to open in Manama in October

Posted on 30th June 2014

Bahrain is all set to get its first floating hotel, a 16 room C -Hotel to be docked at Coral Bay in Manama, as early as October this year, according to news reports.


According to reports in the Gulf Daily, the five-star luxury offering is an Italian-designed project by businessman Akram Miknas’ Seven Leisure Group (SLG) comprising fourteen, twenty square meter rooms plus two suites. It will be the second project for SLG in Coral Bay.Miknas said the C-Hotel will be a boutique hotel built on the base and hull of an old house boat.

“About six months ago I decided to start this project so I bought a boat, which was a house boat, and converted it and took out the engines because the hotel will be a stationary, docked boat,” he told Gulf Daily News.“Working on an existing boat made things a lot easier. We gave the boat to a marine architect to design the new outlay and it took about three months of design work to get it right.”

Miknas said all fixtures and furnishings had been custom designed in Italy for the project, Gulf Daily News reported. He said standard rooms will have a dining area, big screen television, writing desk and integrated smart technologies with an average refurbishment cost of US$ 300,000 per room. He said he hoped the facility would appeal to visiting personalities who want to be close to the water. The hotel rates have yet to be fixed, but would be comparable to five-star hotels in Bahrain, he said.

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