Dubai Tram - Stations to offer Naming Rights

Posted on 6th November 2014

Naming rights for some of the 11 stations along the Dubai’s new tramway will be on offer for perspective buyers, according to RTA officials. Speaking at a Dubai RTA Tram conference, Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, told reporters that naming rights for stations will be available, but the RTA has yet to decide which ones.

Dubai Tram

“We do have existing names for the tram stations but we are looking at the feasibility of which ones out of the 11 can be provided naming rights. This will be decided in the coming month. Unlike the Dubai Metro, we have limited stations and some are named after the nearby attractions or neighbourhood. If there is an opportunity to facilitate bidding, then we will announce it,” he said.

More details about the new service are emerging as the start date of 11 November looms closer, including that the new service will cost commuters AED3 per journey and will be incorporated with the RTA’s Nol card system. The tram will not run on a 24-hours basis, but will be in operation for 19 to 20 hours (expected to be 5am until 1am), according to Younes, according to news reports on ConstructionWeek Online.

The new service will connect Dubai Marina and JBR to the Al Sufouh Road along a 10.6km route, which will also link with Dubai Metro and the monorail on Palm Jumeirah, as well as water buses, taxis and the Dubai Ferry. Eight trams will operate in the initial phase, which is expected to carry about 27,000 passengers per day, increasing to 66,000 by 2020.

The first phase will see the tram run on a single loop, meaning passengers will have to take a longer route for access to JBR and Marina. There are plans to introduce a special loop for passengers looking to travel in the JBR and Marina area in the coming months. The tram is also set to be the world’s first to run with ground power feeding the entire line, eliminating the need for overhead wires.

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