Emirates Glass Launches ARMAX in the UAE & GCC

Posted on 18th August 2019

Emirates Glass Launches ARMAX in the UAE & GCC

A New Anti-Reflective Glass Technology 

ARMAX anti-reflective glass is a new coated- glass product designed to reduce reflection on the glass surface to allow for an undisturbed crystal-clear view through the glass. The ARMAX anti-reflective glass technology has been developed by Emirates Glass LLC, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, to enhance the installation in architectural facades, retails shopfronts, restaurants, gallery or museum display cases and many more applications where you would prefer to look through the glass, not at the glass. 

“We have developed a truly innovative, high-performance anti-reflective glass. The ARMAX product reflects our continuing commitment for the development of exceptional and innovative glass solutions, utilizing our cutting-edge technology and talented team,” said Mr. Rizwanulla Khan, Executive President of Emirates Glass LLC. 

The  final product was created, after years of research, trial and testing. . Microscopic, high-performance, clear coating layers are applied to the glass surface using the latest glass coating technology resulting in the reduction the light reflections to just 1.7%, while increasing light transmission to an amazing 97%.  By controlling the light reflection and transmission Emirates Glass has developed the ideal glass that enables you to see through the glass with brilliance and clarity. 

Like all Emirates Glass products, ARMAX anti-reflective glass has been subjected to the most rigorous testing to ensure durability and weather resistance, even in the harshest of climatic conditions. The ARMAX product can be processed like standard glass and so can be tempered, laminated and used in double glazed units.     

The architectural applications for ARMAX are limitless - where viewing is the priority. ARMAX is an ideal glass product suitable for luxury apartments and villas, viewing decks and platforms of iconic buildings, shopfront windows, display cases for museums, galleries and retail outlets. 

For more information, please visit: http://emiratesglass.com/products/armax/

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