Energy Recovery Inc awarded water desalination contracts worth US$ 8.8mn in Saudi Arabia

Posted on 1st April 2019

Energy Recovery Inc awarded water desalination contracts worth US$ 8.8mn in Saudi Arabia
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According to *Constructionweekonline news report, Bay Area-headquartered and Nasdaq-listed Energy Recovery Inc has been awarded contracts worth $8.8m (SAR33m) to supply pressure exchangers for multiple water desalination facilities in Saudi Arabia, marking a strong end to Q1 2019 for the American company that also picked up work in the UAE and Oman during the period.

President and chief executive officer of Energy Recovery, Chris Gannon, did not reveal additional details of the Saudi clients, but said that the company’s backlog and pipeline at present are the “most significant” in its history, “with activity and awards spanning 2019 and 2020”.

Energy Recovery’s PX Q300 Pressure Exchanger units will be shipped to Saudi Arabia in Q2 2019, and are expected to reduce power consumption at all desalination facilities by 54.3 megawatts. 

In total, the devices will save at least 469 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy at the desalination facilities, which produce 380,000m3 of water per day. The production capacity is the equivalent of “filling more than 150 Olympic-sized swimming pools”, the company said in a statement.

Gannon said project activity in Energy Recovery’s markets was continuing to expand and showing no “signs of slowing, driven in part by growing global demand for potable water”.

“In order to support the increasing level of activity we see this year and beyond, we are proactively investing in our water operations to materially increase manufacturing capacity this year,” he added.

Water infrastructure projects are rapidly being constructed, expanded, and upgraded across the Middle East, as the region seeks to expand its critical utilities infrastructure to meet future demand expectations.

Energy Recovery’s confirmation of its Saudi awards comes after the company’s February 2019 announcement that it had won $4.9m (AED18m) contracts to supply the same PX Q300 exchanger units for clients in the UAE.

The units were expected to be shipped out in Q1 2019, and reduce power consumption at the desalination facilities by 187 GWh – or, as the firm said, close to the total electricity required in Dubai over 1.5 days.

In January 2019, Energy Recovery revealed it would supply the PX Q300 Pressure Exchangers for multiple facilities that produce 200,000m3 of water per day in Oman.

Units under Energy Recovery's $4.4m (OMR1.7m) contracts are due to be shipped in Q2 and Q3 2019, and will help “the facilities avoid over [75,120 tonnes] of CO2 emissions per day”, the company said in January. 

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