Expo 2020 tenders to be floated in Q1 2015 : UAE government

Posted on 9th October 2014

Tenders for infrastructural developments for World Expo 2020 will be issued at the beginning of 2015.The UAE government has confirmed it is in the final stages of preparing the tenders. Dubai won its Expo 2020 in 2013 and announced it would set aside a large sum of cash to pay for the extension of the metro, new hotels and a new roads.


Reem Al Hashemi, the UAE Minister of State and managing director for the Dubai World Expo 2020 Bid Committee, has said that investment in infrastructure to support Expo 2020 will be between US$6.2 billion and  US$8.7 billion, according to news reports on ConstructionWeek Online.

Reem said the committee "would be talking a diverse approach to funding the infrastructure demands of Expo 2020", but gave no further details. Speaking at the Africa Global Business Forum in Dubai, she described the bid as "affordable".

“It’s a series of different funding mechanisms and portfolios. There’s obviously interest from the private sector already. There’s going to be a government commitment that will contribute,” she said.

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