Galfar awarded US$100 mn, 2005 oil production maintenance contract extension up to August 2015

Posted on 10th July 2014

Oman-based contractor Galfar Engineering and Contracting Co has secured a US$ 100 million contract extension from Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for its maintenance of oil production facilities in the north of the country. Galfar was originally awarded the contract for work on the north Oman off-plot delivery in May 2005 and was previously given a variation to contract (VTC) which extended its work with PDO until August 2014. The latest variation to contract (VTC) should it continue its work until August 2015, according to a statement from the company.

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Galfar’s contract involves work across an area of more than 200km by 200 kilometers, at sites including Fahud, Qarn Alam, Yibal and Lekhwair, where it is providing maintenance services in design, civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work. Galfar CEO Dr Hans Erlings, said: “We value our relationship with PDO and consider it as one of our most valued clients. Galfar will continue to engage itself in the safe delivery of projects in the oil and gas sector. The project requires a dedicated and efficient workforce for its operations and our highly trained professionals, which include substantial numbers of Omani nationals, are the most dependable in order to carry out the challenging responsibilities. We have handled many situations successfully. With almost 1,500 Omanis currently working on this project alone, Galfar’s adherence to the Omanisation policy remains firmly integrated in its unequivocal commitment to hire Omani cadres. Today, team Galfar is ready to accept challenging projects, especially in the oil and gas sector.".

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