Makkah authorities to demolition 26,000 properties by October 2015

Posted on 11th May 2015

According to news reports, Makkah authorities are planning one of the largest land expropriation exercises the country has ever seen with the demolition of around 26,000 properties by the end of the Hijri year (October 13 2015).


The exercise will include buildings and plots of land, with around 13,000 of those planned for removal to make way for the first, second, third and fourth ring roads as well as the train and Grand Mosque projects and the King Abdulaziz Road project.

Authorities say 10,000 properties in the Dahlat Al-Rushd and Jabal Al-Sharashif areas will be demolished after Haj. Another 2,000 properties will be expropriated from the Qowz Al-Nakasah and Al-Zuhoor areas, according to Constructionweekonline news reports.

Makkah is undergoing an enormous transformation with billions being poured into infrastructure, housing, commercial and public transport projects.

Last month, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, stated that the project to expand the mataf, or circumambulation area around the Kaaba, would be completed before this year’s Haj.

Abdul RahmanAl-Sudais said that, “Most of the work would be completed before Ramadan in preparation for the peak Umrah season,” he said.

Al-Sudais said the third phase of the mataf expansion was progressing well and would increase its capacity to 105,000 pilgrims an hour. There would be no obstacles in the mataf area, which would be expanded and will have modern facilities.

He said officials were doing their best to ensure that pilgrims are provided with excellent services. The completed areas of the Haram expansion project, including the new building, would be opened to worshippers to reduce congestion caused by work on the mataf, he said.

While work on the city’s heart continues, city officials are also keen to launch other major projects like the metro.

Construction on that is expected to start next year, with the 188 kilometers network served by 88 stations over four lines.

In March, Makkah officials penned a US$ 390 million deal with the Saudi Electric Company to connect and supply electricity to the Makkah metro project.

The Makkah Metro project will be built in three phases and has been budgeted at US$ 16.5 billion. The first phase is expected to be commissioned in 2019 at a cost of US$ 6.8 billion. It will include two metro lines totalling 45.1 kilometers with 22 stations. The second five-year stage has a cost of US$ 5.06 billion while the third phase will cost US$ 4.6 billion and will be finished within two years. The metro will eventually have four lines, 88 stations and cover 188 kilometers.

Last November, Kuala Lumpur transport agency Prasarana was appointed to provide consultancy services during Phase 1.

The firm will complete preliminary and detailed design reviews for MMRTC, and develop operations and maintenance specifications and service agreements for the appointment of the future operating contractor.

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