Makkah to become world leading Smart City

Posted on 23rd April 2014

World class developments of the Holy City to be discussed at Future Makkah Summit Workshops, at Cityscape Jeddah (Jeddah Urban Development and Real-estate Investment Event) on 4-6 May, an event held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Misha’al Bin Majed Bin Abdulaziz

The Holy City of Makkah has witnessed a significant increase of private companies competing for numerous multibillion dollar projects released earlier this year. These include the building of new residential sites, upgrading of drainage systems and central air-conditioning, improvements in telecommunication services, healthcare programmes, the Makkah Metro, and many more. With over SAR300 billion planned investment to transform and modernise the Holy City, the opportunities in Makkah are vast.

“As the centre of the Islamic faith, Makkah’s development is of great importance not only for its locals but for all Muslims who are visiting Makkah for Haj and Umrah from around the world. The City’s investment in health, real estate, hospitality services & infrastructure is vital to cater to the rising demand of today and beyond”, said Eng. TarekKasabi, Board Member of Bank Al Jazira, Chairman of Dallah Healthcare and speaker of Future Makkah Summit 2014.In addition, Makkah’s unique ‘smart city’ concept strives to preserve hundreds of years of history, ensuring that all planning and construction work is under control.

“The encompassing framework of future Makkah development should sustain its natural setup, urbanise its form, and preserve its spirituality” said Prof Abdulrahem H. Al-Zahrani, Former Technical Director, Makkah Central Area and Masha’er Transportation Studies, Ministry of Higher Education. “The new expansion projects of King Abdullah in Makkah will transfer the city to a new era and will set the theme for any further future expansions”. Prof Abdulrahem H. Al-Zahrani is one of the 27 speakers at Future Makkah.

With an integrated effort from both government and private organisations, the Holy City of Makkah has a promising future as being one for the world’s foremost sustainable and smart cities.

“Makkah will lead the world in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) development and deployment in less than 10 years. This is thanks to the Kingdom’s unprecedented planned investments in Makkah” said Mohammed Serroukh, Director General of ITS-Arab, KSA and presenter at Future Makkah this May.

Contributing to the discussions on smart city development at the Future Makkah Summit 2014, Mobily’s Chief Business Officer, Marwan Al Ahmadi, will discuss Mobily’s contribution to this massive project and the characteristics of a smart city.

Amongst other industry led sectors, Future Makkah will also feature a half-day dialogue on project financing, focusing on Sukuk and Awqaf financing.

"Islamic finance offers the most needed components of financial stability and productivity the conventional industry is striving for” said Dr. Sami Al- Suwailem, Head of Financial Product Development Centre, Islamic Development Bank – a speaker at the upcoming Islamic Finance session at the Future Makkah Summit.

In addition to Islamic Finance, Future Makkah will include sessions on Tourism, Conservation and Security; Road, Traffic, Transportation and Crowd Control; Healthcare and Insurance; and Power, Utilities and Telecommunications.

Future Makkah Summit workshops will take place at Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events with Silver Sponsor Geographic Technologies (GTT) and Official Supporters Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiques.

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