New indoor Snow Park planned as star attraction at BIC for Formula One Grand Prix venue in Bahrain

Posted on 13th April 2015

Work is currently under way for a snow park for the Grand Prix this weekend at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), according to news reports.


Handled by EverSnow, the French company will create a unique snow covered venue thanks to an air-conditioned show tent measuring over 2,000 square meters, according to Trade Arabia news.

Using a snowing-up process that produces frozen water flakes which are crushed and pulverised, the snow is produced using energy and pure water free of any additives and has no environmental impact. It strongly resembles spring snow, being very slippery and quick to coalesce whatever the temperature at the snowing-up site.

Intended for the grand prix public, it will feature a 400 square meters snow garden, a cross-country skiing trail, a freestyle ramp complete with crash pad for skis and rubber dinghies, an ice-climbing wall and a 100-square meter skating rink. Moreover, an antique ski museum, showing models from the 1900 to the present day, has been planned.

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