New Saudi strategy has helped cut stalled projects by 13 percent

Posted on 7th November 2014

Saudi Arabia has slashed the number of held-up projects in the kingdom by 13 per cent, thanks to a new strategy, a report said. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has developed a geographic information system (GIS) to monitor the progress of the delayed projects, the Arab News report quoted a source at the ministry. Out of a total of 7,929 projects approved during the past seven years, 4,476 were completed, and 1,694 are on schedule, the report said.

Saudi Arabia

The ministry is also urging municipalities to set up an information database about ongoing developments, the source said. A management and public administration unit in each municipality will monitor the quality of the projects and assist in their implementation, the source was quoted as saying.

A ministry-level committee will also study the causes of failing development projects and to propose appropriate solutions, said the source. The ministry has directed municipalities to address the backlog of stalled projects by forming teams to follow up on the projects.

Municipalities have been asked to report the ministry with a technical assessment for delayed or stalled projects, along with the name of the project, the percentage of completion, schedule details, the actions taken to address any delays, and the rate of progress, the source said. Back to all Construction News

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