Plans underway on upgrading Feruka Oil Pipeline in Zimbabwe

Posted on 11th March 2019

Plans underway on upgrading Feruka Oil Pipeline in Zimbabwe
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According to *Constructionreviewonline news report, Plans on upgrading the Feruka Oil Pipeline in Zimbabwe is underway by the National Oil and Infrastructure Company (NOIC) in the second half of the year.

NOIC Chief Executive Officer, Wilfred Matukeni confirmed this stating that the move was in order to increase fuel transportation capacity and to provide the country efficient fuel supply. Mr. Matukeni added that they were targeting to complete the upgrade by the mid-term.

Feruka Oil Pipeline

Data shows that Zimbabwe uses about 4 million liters of diesel from a previous  average of 2.5 million liters a day and uses 3 million liters of petrol from an average of 1.5 million liters per day. 90% of the fuel consumed is transported by the Feruka oil pipeline while the remaining 10% is transported by road using tankers that have been know to damaging roads.

“ We are using an average of 160 million liters against a total carrying capacity of 180 million liters indicating a heavy use of the pipeline,” Mr. Matukeni added. The pipeline was last upgraded three  years ago which allowed the pipeline to pump 180 million liters a month.

The project will funding are being worked out by relevant authorities. Matukeni confirmed that the upgrade wont be done by NOIC but it will be done through NOIC and it’s partners such Petrozim Line (PZL) and  Companhia do Pipeline Mocambique.

Second pipeline

Zimbabwe has doubled it’s demand for fuel as of last year. This is according to the Minister of Energy and Power development Dr. Joram Gumbo has been attributed to the increase in business activities in the country.

Plans to construct another  pipeline running from Zimbabwe to Harare and Bulawayo. From Bulawayo, it was to run south-west to Botswana and north through Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo will be freshly pursued by government.

According to an assessment conducted by IHT Markit, a second pipeline would  lower the cost of moving fuel through increasing pipeline from Beira to Harare.

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