Residential construction likely to be revamped over the next five years in Oman

Posted on 14th May 2015

According to news reports, Oman authorities say the country's scattered housing developments are posing challenges for local municipal bodies, and will introduce measures to alleviate the pressures as part of its ninth five year plan in 2016.


The five year plan is likely to accommodate the country's ongoing housing concerns, and may also include provisions for the creation of a special directorate for real estate in Oman, according to constructionweekonline news reports.

Newspaper The Oman Daily Observer reports residential properties are currently scattered across land parcels allotted to Omani citizens by the government. This poses challenges for municipal bodies enabling water and electricity connections to the units, according to Talal Bin Sulaiman Al Rahbi, deputy secretary general of the Supreme Council for Planning in the country.

Al Rahbi said he forsees a “new phase of planned development in the coming years”, hinting at the possibility of Oman's next five year plan revamping the country's residential policies.

It is probable that organised residential complexes will be developed by the private sector, and the public-private partnership (PPP) model is also being reviewed to fund the construction of these developments.

"The complexes are aimed at providing self-sufficient houses at affordable prices," he added.

The current land distribution pattern costs the Omani government up to US$ 18.1 million. Low-cost and affordable housing, constructed in specific allocated areas, is being viewed as a solution to reduce these costs.

Oman's current five year plan, its eighth overall, has been praised for investments in human resource development and infrastructure works to improve electricity and water networks.

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