Saudi plans to transform Arafat into new smart city at a cost of US$ 533 mn

Posted on 7th October 2014

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is reported to be planning a  SR 2 billion (US$ 533 million) project to transform the Saudi Arabian city of Arafat into a smart city. The project is awaiting royal approval, according to reports.


Titled the “Modern Arafat Tent Project", the project is scheduled to rebuild the infrastructure of Arafat including drain canals, protective barricades, electricity stations, a separate train and the setting up of large dams on the outskirts of the valleys, sources were quoted in news reports on Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

"The project has become a strategic need. It will include building fire-proof tents all over Arafat, which are important in light of the recent fire that engulfed 120 tents,” Muhammad Al-Qarni, adviser to the Minister of Haj, was quoted in the report. “Also, we all remember the floods that took place in previous seasons and caused damage to tents and posed danger to pilgrims,” he added.

According to the sources, new tents will be taller, fire-resistant and will consist of two floors in order to increase their total capacity by up to 71 per cent to accommodate eight million pilgrims.

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