Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation – List of Deliverables

Posted on 26th June 2019

Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation – List of Deliverables
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During 25-27th April 2019, China hosted the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF). China put together the most representative outcomes, and formed a list of deliverables of the second BRF. The list includes 283 concrete results in six categories, namely, initiatives proposed or launched by the Chinese side, bilateral and multilateral documents signed during or immediately before the second BRF, multilateral cooperation mechanisms under the BRF framework, investment projects and project lists, financing projects, and projects by local authorities and enterprises. 

We compiled a list of deliverables involving the GCC Countries under various categories. 

Bilateral and Multilateral Documents Signed during or Immediately before the Second BRF 

  • The Chinese government signed transport cooperation documents with the governments of Pakistan, Liberia, Nepal, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Laos and Kazakhstan. 
  • The Standardization Administration of China signed the Action Plan (2019-2021) on Technical Cooperation Program with the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization. The China-Russia Civil Aircraft Standards Coordination Working Group signed the Mutual Recognition Catalogue of China-Russia Civil Aircraft Standards. The Certification and Accreditation Administration of China signed a memorandum of agreement with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and Ente Nazionale Mechanizzazione Agricola. 

Multilateral Cooperation Mechanisms under the BRF Framework

  • China, together with 33 representatives from government transportation and customs departments, key port enterprises, port authorities and terminal operators from 13 countries, including Egypt, Sri Lanka, UAE, Latvia, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, Fiji, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Romania and Singapore, jointly set up the Maritime Silk Road Port Cooperation Mechanism and released the Ningbo Initiative on the Maritime Silk Road Port Cooperation.
  • Major financial institutions of China, the UK, France, Singapore, Pakistan, the UAE, Hong Kong SAR and other countries and regions signed up to the Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road Development.
  • China and the accounting standards-setting bodies of Russia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Laos, Nepal, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Viet Nam jointly established the Belt and Road Accounting Standards Cooperation Mechanism and launched the Initiative on Promoting Accounting Standards Cooperation among Participating Countries of the BRI.
  • China established the Belt and Road Energy Partnership with 28 countries including Algeria, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, Kuwait, Laos, Malta, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Venezuela, Gambia, Cape Verde, the Republic of Congo, Mongolia, Suriname, Tonga, Cambodia, Chad, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan and Hungary.
  • The China Shanghai International Arts Festival and 159 arts festivals and institutions from 40 countries and regions including Croatia, Bulgaria, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, jointly set up the Network of Silk Road Arts Festivals and published the 2018 Future Plans of the Network of Silk Road Arts Festivals.

Investment Projects and Project Lists

  • The Silk Road Fund of China established co-investment platforms with the International Company for Water and Power Projects of Saudi Arabia, the Three Gorges Corporation and the International Finance Corporation of China and the General Electric of the United States. The Silk Road Fund is establishing a co-investment platform with the Surbana Jurong Private Limited of Singapore.
  • The Silk Road Fund invested in the DEWA Concentrated Solar Power Project, the Astana International Exchange and the Yamal LNG Project, and co-financed Oman’s National Fiber Optic Broadband Network Project with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The Silk Road Fund is investing in the Samarkand International Convention and Cultural Tourism Project and an Uzbek oil and gas project.
  • The China Development Bank and the Hareer City and Boubyan Island Development Agency of Kuwait signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Development and Construction Cooperation of the “Hareer City and Five Islands” between the Hareer City and Boubyan Island Development Agency of Kuwait and the China Development Bank.

Financing Projects 

  • The Export-Import Bank of China signed loan agreements on road projects with the Ministry of Finance of Serbia, the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia and the KazAvtoZhol of Kazakhstan respectively, on bridge rail link and pipeline projects with the Ministry of Finance of Bangladesh, on photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plant projects with the Ministry of Finance of Argentina and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Guinea respectively, on steel plant project with the Ministry of Development Planning of Bolivia, on railway projects with the Ministry of Transport of Egypt and the Federal Ministry of Finance of Nigeria respectively, and signed working capital facility agreements with the AL Khalij Commercial Bank of Qatar and the Global Bank Corporation of Panama. 

Projects by Local Authorities and Enterprises

  • Local authorities and enterprises built the China-Serbia Friendship Industrial Park in Serbia; developed Industry and Sci-tech Cooperation Project of China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone; developed Cambodian Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone industry upgrade and social development cooperation program; invested in and constructed Zhongtai New Silk Road Tajikistan Agriculture Industrial Park in Tajikistan; implemented the Phase Ⅱ of Diamniadio Integrated Industrial Park in Senegal; upgraded and constructed the Project of Chan Mya Shwe Pyi Bus Terminal in Mandalay, Myanmar; invested in and constructed the Belt and Road Logistics and Trade Complex in the Unites Arab Emirates; acquired Tata Steel Southeast Asian Plants in Singapore and Thailand; undertook with Saudi Aramco the Fine Chemicals and Raw Materials Engineering Project in Panjin, Liaoning Province, China; built Tharcoal block-178MTPA open-pit coal mine & 2*660MW coal-based power plant integrate project in Pakistan; invested in and constructed the project of high-performance radial tires with an annual output of 13.62 million in Serbia; developed 1.5mtpa cement clinker project in Nepal; engaged in laterite nickel ore for battery-grade nickel chemical (nickel sulfate crystal with an annual output of 50,000 tons of nickel) production in Indonesia; constructed PTA/PET project in Saudi Arabia; developed a healthcare medical diagnostic integrated project in Kenya; and constructed China-Uzbekistan Medical Science and Technology Park in Uzbekistan.   

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