South Africa to construct Wesley-Ciskei wind farm project

Posted on 15th July 2019

South Africa to construct Wesley-Ciskei wind farm project
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According to *Constructionreviewonline news report, South Africa is set to construct Wesley-Ciskei wind farm project following awarding Vestas Wind Systems contract to develop the farm.

This project is being developed by EDF Renewables as part of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Supply Programme (REIPPP). It is a program whose objective is to encourage independent producers of renewable energy (IPP) to invest in the rainbow nation.

The Company signed an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with EDF Renewables, the subsidiary of Électricité de France (EDF) that operates in South Africa as an IPP.

Wesley-Ciskei wind project

According to the agreement, there will be site preparation  for the installation by the beginning of the first half of 2020, of 10 wind turbines equipped with V126 turbines. Each turbine will produce 3.45 MW. They will rotate with light blades to provide electricity in areas where there is little wind. Vestas will also carry out all civil engineering work, from the foundations to the installation of the mast carrying the turbine and blades.

The wind turbines will be equipped with the VestasOnline Business SCADA system, which allows remote monitoring of the park’s electricity production. After the delivery of the site planned for the second half of 2020. Vesta will start the maintenance contract for the Wesley-Ciskei wind farm.

“The Wesley-Ciskei wind project is of great importance to the Eastern Cape Province. It is the first and only wind energy project located in a former region of the Eastern Cape Province, although this region represents nearly 40% of the province’s land mass and is home to 60% of the province’s population,” says EDF.

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