The Dubai Tram - Fares, Routes and Expected Timings - Part III - What you would like to know before November 11, 2014

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With the much anticipated opening of the Dubai Tram, with Phase 1 of the Tram scheduled for opening on November 11, 2014, round the corner, excitement surrounding the expected easing of Dubai’s traffic and parking problems is being viewed with much anticipation. We present here Part III of the multi part handy information feature on what the Dubai Tram is all about and what you would like to know both as a commuter and a pedestrian, driver alongside on the Tram route.

According to H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA “The Project serves residential and commercial areas along the tramway passing through Al Safouh, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Residence. In recent years these areas witnessed high-end property developments for residential, commercial and tourist purposes. They encompass prominent commercial and tourist landmarks such as the Mall of the Emirates, Madinat Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab in addition to areas of high significance such as the Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City as well as projects currently undertaken in Dubai Marina and others under planning stage such as Jumeirah Hills,” noted Al Tayer.

The Route

A single route would be fixed for the tram initially, starting from Al Sufouh station and moving south through Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and back. In the next couple of months, RTA would come up with different routes, including one running on the loop shuttling between Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Residence.



The tramway system is connected to Dubai’s automated fare collection system NoI. While the RTA had earlier stated that the tram fare will be based on Dubai’s existing zonal fare structure, it is currently being priced differently, with travel within a zone costing Dh 2.3.

Quoting the CEO of RTA’s Strategy and Governance Sector Abdul Mohsin Younus as reported by Gulf News, “Tickets for a ride on the tram will cost Dh3, whether a person travels between two stations or rides through all the stations. I think this is one of the cheapest fares for trams when you compare with other cities,” said Abdul Mohsin Younus, on the sidelines of a workshop for representatives of hotels located along the tramway.

While commuters using the silver NoI cards would pay a uniform rate of Dh 3, the red ticket users would pay Dh 4 for the ride. The geographical area of the city is divided into seven zones with fare increases depending on the zones travelled. According to the current fare structure, a trip within three kilometres using a Silver Nol card costs Dh1.8, within a single zone costs Dh2.3, between two adjacent zones costs Dh4.1 and a ride across multiple zones costs Dh5.8. The fares double for the Gold Nol card users.

Unlike Dubai Metro, however, where passengers are required to validate their Nol cards at the gates before they head to the platform, Tram users will need to scan their Nol cards at the platform screen doors, right before entering the tram. The RTA is also likely to revise the timings of the tram service, with the tramway operating for up to 20 hours daily, ruling out 24 hour running time as they would require a few hours in the night for maintenance of the trams.

“We had announced the timings earlier but that is being reconsidered right now. The new timings will be announced shortly before the inauguration of the tram,” said Abdul Redha Abu Al Hassan, Director of Rail Planning and Design at RTA’s Rail Agency.

The Dubai Tram: What you need to know before November 11, 2014

1. Part I- gives an introduction to what the Dubai Tram Project is all about 2. Part II-  explains in detail the tram's associated facilities and route. 3. Part III- details the fares, routes and expected timings 4. Part IV- shows how RTA has geared up to cater to the expectations surrounding the opening of the Tram with a virtual tour on Road Transport Day.

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