Upgrade of Al Ain to Oman Border Road Planned

Posted on 9th June 2014

Road improvement works are proposed on a large scale along the road from Al Ain to the UAE-Oman border post, a high traffic commuter route between the two countries and for en-route traffic. On completion the project is likely to benefit the areas of Mazyad, Dhaher, and Al Kharir.


According to the Department of Transport (DoT), Abu Dhabi, the road which currently passes through areas of Al Ain city is proposed to be widened at the corridor from Khatam Al Shikla to Mazyad Roundabout . Road widening from two lane roads to four lane ones, an underpass for the Kharir area, another junction for the Mazyad Roundabout are also proposed. Access to residential areas is also aimed to be improved with better entry and exit points, with a detailed study on improving traffic safety already having been conducted on the existing two lane road in 2012.

The second phase of the project involves laying out a long-term plan that aims to find more efficient solutions to serve users of the road and the surrounding areas. The final designs of the proposed expansion have been submitted and tendering is expected to begin in the second quarter of this year.

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