Veolia wins US$ 50 mn water treatment project for Khazzan gas field in Oman

Posted on 3rd July 2014

 Veolia has been selected by BP to design, build and operate a raw water treatment plant for the latter’s project to develop the Khazzan gas field, located southwest of Muscat in Oman. According to Veolia, water production is an essential step in implementing the Khazzan project, which is highly significant for the Omani economy, and which is planned to comprise up to 300 gas wells to deliver, in 2017, plateau production of 28.3mn m3 of gas per day.

“In some regions of the world, it is no longer possible to submit a development project for an oil or gas field without including the water aspect,” said Antoine Frérot, Veolia’s chairman and CEO. “There is therefore strong growth potential in this sector, especially forwatertreatment water treatment installations.”

Veolia’s water treatment plant for the Khazzan gas field, which is one of BP’s largest current projects, will have a maximum capacity of 6,000  cubic meters/day, split between 4,000 cubic meters/day of process water and 2,000 cubic meters/day of drinking water. Following its development, Veolia will operate the plant for one year, with extension options of up to four additional years.

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