Zimbabwe government sets aside US$ 50 mn to repair the damage caused by Cyclone Idai

Posted on 30th March 2019

Zimbabwe government sets aside US$ 50 mn to repair the damage caused by Cyclone Idai
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According to *Constructionreviewonline news report, the government of Zimbabwe has set aside US $50m to repair the damage caused by Cyclone Idai in Manicaland and parts of Masvingo and Mashonaland East. Finance Minister Ncube said that the funds will be allocated towards capacitating the Civil Protection Unit as well as repairing roads, schools, power and water infrastructure.

“The ministry of finance has released US $50m for emergency and infrastructure restoration following Cyclone Idai-induced flood destruction and infrastructural damage. The funds will go towards Cyclone Idai rescue efforts and rehabilitation of affected citizens and restoration of rural feeder roads and other structures,” said Ncube.

Cyclone Idai-induced flood destruction

The minister further stated that the money will be allocated to the Civil Protection Unit, the department of roads, education, health, electricity and water and sanitation. Econet Zimbabwe group of companies, contributed US $5m for the cyclone emergency efforts in Eastern Zimbabwe. The company has channeled the funds to Higherlife Foundation which is now deeply embedded to respond to the crisis.

Department of Roads will get US $25m for trunk roads and bridges that were washed away and other structures while US $3m will be disbursed for operational expenditures for emergency and recovery works by the DCP.

The Cyclone Idai-induced flood destruction and infrastructural damage killed 98 people and more than 200 still missing in the three provinces. the torrential rains and winds of up to 170 kph swept away roads, homes and bridges and knocked out power and communication lines. The government has declared a state of disaster in areas affected by the storm. This brought about double disaster to the country as it was also suffering from a severe drought that had wilted crops.

Ncube  also lauded his much-criticised 2 percent tax on electronic transfers introduced last October, saying the US $50m was “the social impact of the tax in action”.

*News source: https://constructionreviewonline.com/2019/03/zimbabwe-sets-aside-us-50-m-for-reconstruction-of-cyclone-idai/

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