Saudi Labour Ministry suspends services offered to Saudi Oger

Posted on 8th March 2016

The Saudi Labour Ministry has suspended a number of services offered to Saudi Oger, particularly social security and services provided by the Directorate General of Passports, sources told al Okaz daily, as cited by Amwal online news service.

The sources said the ministry took a number of restrictive actions against Saudi Oger following the company's failure to pay its employees.

A committee was put together in Riyadh to solve the problem, the news agency reported, adding that the company has started paying a number of its workforce and promised to make regular back payments gradually and in succession.

The sanctions followed a complaint by Saudi Oger employees who claimed they had not been paid in four months, according to Constructionweekonline news report.

One employee, Saudi Engineer Siyar al Shamri, was quoted by al Okaz, as saying Oger justified its actions by first blaming the state of the Saudi budget - then the company's inability to secure payments for work already completed on government projects and later claiming that the company had no money.

He said: "The company's situation is unstable due to the scrapping of many of its projects it was to execute."

Saudi Oger manager in the Madina area, engineer Naser Maghribi, was quoted by al Okaz, as saying: "I don't know the reason behind the delay in paying employees, and I am one of them and we hear of salary payments to be made in March."

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